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Mampukah GST ditarik balik oleh kerajaan Pakatan Harapan?

Persoalaan cepu emas ialah samada cukai GST ini boleh ditarik balik seperti mana yang termaktub didalam manifesto gabungan Pakatan Harapan ataupun ianya sekadar ‘janji...


Behold JPMorgan’s US $1 trillion Undrawn Commitment

Undrawn commitments refer to credit lines granted by banks that can be suddenly drawn down unless the bank chooses to stop it, either by...

Know Your Muppet – Morgan Stanley Examined!

Our first candidate is Morgan Stanley or MS as in MS-13. Morgan Stanley is a large investment bank with assets of $895.4b as of 31...

War to follow after Coronavirus

On the 30th Mar 2020, The Rembau Times made a startling prediction that once the Coronavirus, or #CCPVirus, dies down, the world will have...
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Explaining Goldman Sachs to the good people of Rembau

Goldman Sachs, the world’s most prestigious investment bank, is still an enigma to the good people of Rembau. In this article, we will attempt...

What it will take for PH to survive past Dec 2019

Today we address a topic that PH supporters (yes they still do exist) should be concerned with, namely what will it take for PH...

Najib’s Optics don’t look good #TsunamiPHitnah

The Rembau Times wants to take a pause from Pakatan Harapan's relentless campaign and focus a bit on Barisan Nasional. But before we proceed, let...


The Yield Curve Inversion

On Friday, Mar 22, 2019, the 10 year yield on US Treasury bonds went below the 3 month Yield Treasury bill. To explain what a...

Apandi sacked..

Changing the landscape