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Marcus Rashford, Kelvin Tay ,Tony Pua and the Great Deficit debate

Lately, I have been following the “Rants and Bants” YouTube channel, which is a social media channel dedicated to Manchester United.  In the wake...

Apple – Reinventing the whale

On 02 January 2019, after the close of business, Apple shocked the investing world when it announced  that it was expecting a worse than...

What causes a recession?

Economists loosely define a recession as 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. The last time this happened was during the Global Financial Crisis...


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Justice for Azzezzzz…

UMNO Supreme Council Member Datuk Seri Azeezzz was arrested yesterday and taken into remand by the MACC. No doubt this would have shocked many people...

It all comes down to Massie

Thursday’s upcoming House vote on the Senate Budget Resolution could be immortalised in political and economic history if MIT trained US Congressmen, Thomas Massie holds...

Red Shirts and Deutsche Bank

  On the surface, the “Red Shirt”, a movement of ultra-nationalistic Malays led by Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunus, has virtually nothing to do with...


Readers View – Pakatan to win 118 seats

Following is the view of one of the Rembau Times readers on the final GE 14 results. Dear Rembau Times, I've done an excel spreadsheet (as...

What causes a recession?

Apandi sacked..