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Berjuang bersama beg Herschel

Istilah Bahasa Inggeris "You have arrived" bukannya bermaksud anda telah tiba di destinasi tetapi membawa maksud bahawa sesorang telah mencapai kejayaan dan menjadi masyhur. ...


Marcus Rashford, Kelvin Tay ,Tony Pua and the Great Deficit debate

Lately, I have been following the “Rants and Bants” YouTube channel, which is a social media channel dedicated to Manchester United.  In the wake...

Apple – Reinventing the whale

On 02 January 2019, after the close of business, Apple shocked the investing world when it announced  that it was expecting a worse than...

What causes a recession?

Economists loosely define a recession as 2 consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. The last time this happened was during the Global Financial Crisis...


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Explaining Goldman Sachs to the good people of Rembau

Goldman Sachs, the world’s most prestigious investment bank, is still an enigma to the good people of Rembau. In this article, we will attempt...

Melaka CM can sing very well so we support him

As an independent website, we can choose to support candidates regardless of party affiliation.  For example, it is obvious that we support Pakatan Harapan...

Umno di Mersing tergendala buat sementara waktu

Rakyat hari ini dikejutkan dengan berita sedih bahawa Ahli Parlimen bagi P154 Mersing, Datuk Dr Abd Latiff Ahmad hari ini menyertai Bersatu dan dengan...


Najib’s humanitarian mission

This week will mark an important chapter in Dato Seri Najib's journey as a politician as his court case concerning 1MDB goes to trial....