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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Ringgit’s delinking with Oil

The Ringgit today briefly touched a level not seen for some time when it was briefly quoted at RM 4.200 to the US Dollar....


Ringgit set to soar in 2018

For the first time, the Rembau Times is predicting that the Malaysian Ringgit is set to soar in 2018. This is largely due to on...

It all comes down to Massie

Thursday’s upcoming House vote on the Senate Budget Resolution could be immortalised in political and economic history if MIT trained US Congressmen, Thomas Massie holds...

Mahathir Mohammad may once again occupy the seat of power

If the elections were held today, there is every indication that the Barisan Nasional Government will be ousted and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad may...


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Corruption and Getting Caught

Yet another day, yet another story of civil servants being caught by the MACC for corruption. But the good news is that the MACC recognises...

Red Shirts and Deutsche Bank

  On the surface, the “Red Shirt”, a movement of ultra-nationalistic Malays led by Datuk Seri Jamal Md Yunus, has virtually nothing to do with...

FGV – Fakta tanpa sebarang auta

FGV bukannya hanya sebuah syarikat semata-mata tetapi merupakan sebahagian daripada tiang seri identiti orang Melayu pada abad ke 21. Ramai diantara mereka terperanjat dengan cara CEOnya dipecat, gara-gara...


Pribumi Bersatu’s Marketing Strategy

The next General Election will be a game changer in terms of how the media battle will be waged. Whilst the past GEs saw the...