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Behavioral Finance key to unlocking the Felda vote bank

  Politically, the most explosive situation that has yet to be capitalized by Pakatan Harapan relates to the debt burden borne by Felda settlers. Deputy...


Armada Pakatan Harapan menghala ke Putrajaya

Kelangsungan pucuk pimpinan Pakatan Harapan mengasak kubu-kubu kuat Barisan Nasional yang  dipegangi sejak zaman kemerdekaan nampaknya sudah mula membuahkan hasil. Diketuai oleh Tun Dr Mahathir,...

Mampukah GST ditarik balik oleh kerajaan Pakatan Harapan?

Persoalaan cepu emas ialah samada cukai GST ini boleh ditarik balik seperti mana yang termaktub didalam manifesto gabungan Pakatan Harapan ataupun ianya sekadar ‘janji...

Pakatan Harapan set for decisive victory in Peninsula Malaysia

The Rembau Times has completed its ground breaking election analysis and sees an overwhelming chance that Pakatan Harapan will trounce BN-UMNO decisively in Peninsula...


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Pakatan Harapan needs to campaign on Hope and Nostalgia

The “What Malaysia Wants” survey put Bread and Butter issues as the most important issue for voters. Surprisingly Pakatan Harapan message has been extremely...

Race to the bottom and avoiding political suicide

Malaysiakini columnist, Ms Mariam Mokhtar, did not mince her words when she argued that current Government policy is pushing the Malays to attain “rock...

Selling the leadership change bet

The question most people have on their minds but are afraid to ask is whether or not Home Minister, Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi, can...


Ringgit’s delinking with Oil

The Ringgit today briefly touched a level not seen for some time when it was briefly quoted at RM 4.200 to the US Dollar....