A road trip to Maran

Credits: Bernama

If you did not notice, the great state of Texas froze over the last week as it was hit with a polar vortex. Things got so bad that a vast proportion of the energy generating capacity was knocked off and it is now emerging that home owners had energy bills that went up to as high as $16,000 as the price of energy spiked through the roof.

At the same time, Texas Senator is under fire for initially joining his family in a vacation to Cancun, Mexico, while the state he represents endured a national emergency. He should resign because at a time when the state is in trouble, you should be on the ground lending whatever help you can get and your family should stay with you.

This reminds me of a saying Queen Elizabeth I made about not abandoning London when the German Luftwaffe were raining bombs on the city.

And Malaysians can be proud because our Royalty also shows great concern and are very quick to be on the ground when disaster strikes, which can provide moral encouragement to all the rescue and relief forces as well as  to the rakyat to endure adverse circumstances.

For example several weeks ago, the State of Pahang experienced bad flooding and His Majesty, the Yang DiPertuan Agong, who is also the Sultan of Pahang, travelled to the disaster area to assess the situation for himself.  This is not a one-off occurrence, and even the other Sultans are usually very quick to be on the ground if their state encounters natural disasters.

The point I want to stress is for Malaysians to be thankful that we have such benevolent rulers who genuinely express care and concern for the people.

In many countries, even in the so-called democratic ones, the leaders flee the scene and do not want to associate with their own population when disaster strikes. They usually do not want to share the burden falling their own citizens , because these elected leaders lack the common touch and concern. To them, they evaluate their citizens as voting vending machines which are used to generate the “proper outcome . ”

Also, this reminds me of the craziest 400 km road-trip I once took on Federal Territory day a while back. I kind of decided on the spot that I was going to visit Taman Negara and hopped in my Wira to travel all the way there. I believe I woke up that day and decided that I wanted to catch a sight of a tiger or an elephant.

I took the LPT Highway and exited at Bentong to make my way through Kuala Lipis. From there I took the road from Kuala Lipis to Jerantut which had probably some of the sharpest bends, which can only be matched by the back road from Jempol to Seremban. After that, I travelled to Kuala Tembeling, I believe, to take the boat to a camp site along the Taman Negara.

When I arrived at the camp site, my city slicker fears kicked in and I suddenly got cold feet as there were mosquitoes around. It was not helped that I saw a huge spider behind the door of one of the toilets. So I decided to take the boat back and make an emergency exit back to Kuala Lumpur. By the time I decided to retreat, it was almost 8.00 pm.

So there I was travelling on the loneliest, deserted roads in the middle of Pahang in the dead of night, where there was absolutely no street lamps as I desperately sought a way to civilization, which for my case was the LPT Highway. While I did not get to see any elephants or tigers during my 30 min excursion in Taman Negara, my car accidentally ran over a python while making my retreat.

Finally I entered the highway around Maran, but not before passing by this huge tree, which was near a temple. I think that was the biggest, spookiest tree I ever saw, since it was at night.

That is all I have to say.

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