Gempar ! International pressure building against Facebook

The Facebook boss makes today a De-Platform Day to remember


We want to thank the management of Facebook for making National De-Platform Day a great such a great success, that it’s now International De-Platform Day.

If you hadn’t noticed , Facebook just banned all Australian content from its platform overnight and without warning.

If this was a threat, it was wonderfully executed as now almost all of Australia is united against Facebook. The Australian PM also spoke with the Indian PM on this.

Imagine if the Government of India and Australia decide to join forces and de-platform Facebook from their countries. It would make this the Best National De-Platform Day ever!

De-platform Facebook!!

The rest of this post is about football and discusses “conspiracy theories” and an amazing goal scored by PSG against that Woke Barcelona!

(Note: I disliked Barcelona ever since UEFA conspired in 2005 to deny Arsenal a chance to win the Champions league by sending off Arsenal goalie so early ).

Above picture: Mois Kean, on loan from Everton, played a part in helping PSG beat Barcelona 4-1 at the Camp Nou.

(We cannot understand why some players become world class once the leave English Football? Must be a conspiracy.)

We also have to admit that Mbappe is really good!

The 4th goal was devastating as PSG broke from their penalty area and in 12 seconds had scored a goal.

So the clock reads 5:11, and the PSG defender plays a deft outside touch to take the ball away from the closing Barcelona attacker. This is inside the PSG penalty box.

13 seconds later, Mbappé  is wheeling away after scoring an amazing goal to finish off a blitzkrieg lighting fast counter-attacking move!

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