Fox’s Daytona 500 TV ratings crash worse than Game STOP stock!


We interrupt our celebration of “National De-platform Day” to bring you this following important announcement : FoxNews Daytona 500 ratings crash through the floor and then through the basement and as of now, it is still crashing!

Several week’s back we asked a simple question:

Can MAGA supporters punish the traitorous Fox for allowing the Totalitarian Woke State to run amok?

Well, the answer seems a resounding ‘YES’ as Daytona 500 TV ratings fall to an all time low of under 5 million viewers.

This was almost 40% below last year’s disastrously bad TV ratings of 7.3 million. To put some perspective, Daytona 500 used to have TV ratings of 12 million in 2017.


We salute MAGA for doing what The Cabal thought impossible – responding with their wallets. Remember a single traitor does more damage than 100 enemies, remember the movie 300?

So we  continue to congratulate Fox News for hiring #Wokist @ #Leftist @ #CrazyPeople to cover Election 2020.

Remember, the sports programming fees of $4 billion are due this year and don’t be late with the cheque!

Read this for background:

Some backgrounders

Fox Commitments

Inspirational Thought:

Ask not how your platform can de-platform you, 

but ask yourself,

How you can de-platform your your platform

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