Did The Cabal target India

Soon after its victory against the United States, The Cabal opened an Eastern Front against India.


We now know for a fact that a Swedish teenage media celebrity, who became famous for shouting at world leaders, was party to an attempt to put international pressure on the Government of India in dealing with a domestic protest.

Shortly after that,  Bill Gates, started talking loudly about climate change, even to the extent of pushing the idea of nations consuming artificial beef as a replacement for beef derived from your favourite cow.

Most people who do not analyze the news and the facts may miss the tell-tale signs of The Cabal as they only feed on the narrative fed to them.

The Cabal is a clear and present danger to peaceful citizens throughout the world.

We repeat, The Cabal, or its form thereof had targeted peaceful citizens of South East Asia in 1998 in economic warfare. Thousands of lives were lost and entire economies were destroyed.

We in Malaysia can be proud of the fact that our then Prime Minister, Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, saw through the shenanigans of The Cabal at that time and managed to beat them by introducing Capital Controls. Even though the entire Western media at that time, including CNBC, were condemning Dr Mahathir, only a few years later, even the World Bank had to admit that Malaysia’s methods were the best methods in dealing with the crisis.

More important for us is that by defeating The Cabal, Malaysia managed to protect our peace and social stability. Even though we had gone through a lot over the past 25 years, we have so few casualties or even damages sustained because The Cabal could not destory our unique political process. Contrast this with billions of dollars of damage in the United States and the countless deaths just over the past year.

23 years later,  TIME Magazine itself has admitted that The Cabal, targeted the US Presidential Elections. In this regard, no matter what people think of Donald Trump, he simply cannot match the brain power and quick thinking of Dr Mahathir. So as a result, the will of the people of the United States were defeated by The Cabal.

We have more to say on why The Cabal made a critical mistake in fighting the people of the United States. It is illogical for The Cabal to think that they can impose its own leader on the world’s largest superpower. A Government that lacks political legitimacy is extremely prone to political upheaval – that is common “cow” sense.

( By “cow” we mean the animal that goes “moo” not some artificial genetic engineered garbage pushed by Bill Gates.)

If you think The Cabal will leave you alone, you could be mistaken. The Cabal is all for world domination and will stop at nothing to get its way. You either comply with The Cabal or you oppose them.

The Rembau Times 100% opposes The Cabal and is awaiting the day when justice is meted out on the key protagonists of this arrogant group of people.

We hope the Indian Government can protect its sovereignty, exercise its right of self-determination and defeat The Cabal as how Malaysia defeated them in 1998.

After all,

India is a nuclear power, bro.

Any attempt by The Cabal to engage in information warfare against India, should be viewed by the Indian Government as an infringement of India’s sovereignty and the “appropriate response” should be meted out.


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