Nielsen “Dominion-ized” Superbowl Ratings press release!

Nielsen adds Out of Home viewers category to TV viewership category in order to present a false narrative. How Democrat is that ?


The ad-media behemoth, Nielsen, actually “dominion-ized” the Superbowl ratings figure which was released on Tuesday this week.

They presented numbers for TV ratings which included Out-Of-Home viewers, which was not comparable to last year’s presentation. Even with that, the total TV and OOH viewership of 91 million was below last year’s TV only viewership of 100 million.

We are not accusing Nielsen of any crime but are calling out the altered presentation of figures which renders a cursory examination of the table below as moot as the figures in the column “TV VWRS” are not comparable for the year 2020 and 2021!

Advertisers, who pay up to $5 million for a 30 second slot to advertise during the Superbowl, may not be getting a full picture.  (PS: Only a Wokist advertiser would buy Superbowl ad-slots, so it is not true that advertisers would want to know the full picture)

Initially, we were disappointed to find out that the TV ratings sunk to 91 million, which was just 9 million below last year’s figures. This happened on the weekend when My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell hit a home run when he released his documentary detailing evidence of voter fraud and manipulation for the 2020 Election. If only 9 million viewers turned off their TV, it is actually not enough to drive any change and address the Totalitarian Cabal Woke state that is emerging in the country,

(Note: The Rembau Times views  the 2020 US Presidential Election as an election rife with easily verifiable incidents of fraud, such as the vote of switch of 19,257 votes which happened at 04:08 AM Nov 04, 2020 in the state of Pennsylvania. None of these allegations were fully investigated. )

However that was before someone pointed out that Nielsen “Dominon-zied” the final rating figures. The figures for Out of Home (“OOH”) , which was a separate category in 2020, were added to the final TV viewership figure in 2021.

This renders a year -on- year comparison moot as the TV viewership figures in 2021 are not calculated using the same basis and is intended to present a false narrative.

Our question to Nielsen is this:

Did their executives and the Democrat House Impeachment Managers take the same  “Building False Narrative” classes at Woke Ideology School?


Think of the children!

So this means, that millions more conscientious American citizens could have decided to de-platform the Superbowl than we gave credit for. Of course, the exact figure is unknown. It could be that Out of Home viewers were as small 1 million, given that there is a pandemic and bars  and restaurants were shut. Or it could be that Out of Home viewers were 5 million, compared to last years viewership of 13 million.

So the final Superbowl viewership figures could be as low as under 90 million, easily.

This is great news and shows that the American consumer, that class of people who previously propelled the Woke Tyrants into power, have finally woken up and are voting with their wallets.

The lies perpetuated by Big Media, Big Tech and Big Ratings can only be countered if the American consumer votes with their wallets!

We await to see how the other major tyrant in the Woke Empire, Disney, feels the effect of this possible consumer rebellion after their tyrannical decision to axe Gina Carono. The Mandalorian actress was axed from the hit show after expressing the view that the culture of hate being engineered based on political beliefs was reminiscent of the lead up to the Holocaust in World War 2. We agree with this view as certain media personalities in the US are pushing the narrative that drone strikes be used against certain groups of people.

Our view is that if you subscribe to Disney+,  you are contributing to the rise of the Totalitarian Woke State and you should resolve the morality of that decision and accept its consequences.

De-platform Today.

De-platform Tomorrow.

De-platform Forever.

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