Cabal dare not ask Disney tough questions


Disney announced its 31-Dec results yesterday and its a bit interesting.

Summary news:

  • As of Jan 02, 2021, 94.9 million people were subscribers to the woke company’s Disney Plus offering.
  • This was a growth of 74 million people compared to the same period last year
  • The company’s operating income was down 70% to $1.3 billion, compared to $4 billion last year
  • Diluted EPS excluding items of 32 cents down 80% from last year $1.53 per share
  • Debt was $58.3 billion compared to cash and marketable securities of $17 billion
  • No analyst dare ask any question about Gina Carano’s firing

Our take.

Our hope is that one day, this company will be cancelled.

The company, in our view, is a stain on humanity.

However, with its current stock price of $190, the Company can easily issue equity and so we don’t see it achieve our best case scenario of a financial collapse.

Nonetheless, the entire thesis of the Disney stock price is baked into the Disney + subscribers. If one subscribes to Disney +, one agrees with the values of the company and should be treated as a person who agrees with the lies and hypocrisy of the firm.

There is no other way to frame this because Disney did not fire other stars who had compared the situation in the United States to Nazi Germany, which was based on a false picture at a false time and a false narrative. All Gina did was to make the reference that the media’s incessant portrayal of hate creates the situation reminiscent of the lead up to Nazi Germany.

No one who subscribes to Disney+ should even dare raise their voice and beat their chest. Instead they should look in the mirror and be ashamed of themselves for going along with a company that crushes opinion and provides false narratives.

Nonetheless, we have not witnessed such a concentrated amount of blow back on Disney in recent history.

However, the story is waning on Google search trends. Did Disney suffer a consumer backlash over this?

We will find out in 90 days.


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