Nielsen delays Superbowl ratings

Media should be prepped for MAGA consumer revolt


[ Breaking News] Superbowl has worst ratings since 2007. 96.4 million viewers, provided the count was not altered by hackers . TV audience for 55th Super Bowl had the smallest network audience since the very different era of 2005. All platform audience worst in the last 13 years. But too many viewers to change anything, should have been below 80 million.

Ad rating agency, Nielsen, is currently unable to provide ratings for the golden egg of the Fake  News media agency – the Superbowl.

This may be the opening shots in the ultimate Gandhi-style peaceful rebellion against the corrupt media establishment – a MAGA style full-on consumer revolt. In fact, we want to stress – we are 100% opposed to any violence because violence solves nothing.

On the other hand, a Gandhi-style peaceful consumer revolt, may be just the vaccine a good Doctor, like Doctor Shiva, would prescribe to address this virus of injustice, corruption and arrogance. It will be really exciting to grab a chair and some popcorn as those responsible for this skullduggery battle it out over who is to blame because the only thing they care about is money and power.

This is what they said:

” Nielsen still don’t have any Super Bowl LV ratings to report today, but they do now have something to say about the unprecedented delay – though it ain’t much.

“Super Bowl numbers are still being processed and verified,” a spokesperson for the blushing company finally said today. “We anticipate that final viewing figures, which will include Out Of Home (OOH) viewing, will be available to the media tomorrow. We will update the press and the industry accordingly when a final timeline is confirmed.””

Yeah. Right.

In our earlier piece, we explained why ad revenue and pay-per-view matters so much to networks as sly as the fox, like Fox.

As you can see, the fox in the hen-house, meaning Fox News has a $27 billion contractual sports programming rights to broadcast MAGA dependent shows, like NFL, NASCAR and WWE.

It is not as if Fox News has the credit rating of the tech giants behind all this skullduggery.

Their credit ratings instead is at the last rung of investment grade at the major network agencies before falling into the Sub Investment grade purgatory.

To make things even worse, Fox News reports earnings today and no doubt all Wall Street analysts to be eager to find out how the network fared financially after betraying the deplorables.  It may prove to be a very interesting if Nielsen is unable to release the ratings prior to this earnings call, but usually the market is quite efficient and will be able to see through that.

Stay tuned for updates on this tomorrow.


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