Congress breached by peaceful protestors. Ex Air Force vet and Capitol Police Officer died in the process


The situation looks similar to the French Revolution, when the Emperor Louis XIV sacked the popular Finance Minister Jacques Necker, which led to the storming of the Bastille – the event that marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

In the US, the issue had to do with the lack of any action to investigate credible allegations of voter fraud which threaten the democratic process.

We ourselves have identified, numerous incidents including one at Nov 04, 2020 at 04:08 AM which saw 19,000 votes switched from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania.

Interestingly the protestors have managed to accomplish a crucial part of thwarting the certification of the election – adjourning Congress. Not even the Vice President did that but a man wearing a Bison head did that.

However, we are sad to hear that an ex-Air Force veteran, an unarmed, Ms. Ashley Babbit was killed when she entered Congress to protest the certification of the election results. Her mother-in-law was grieving on Twitter.  Subsequently, a Capitol Police Officer succumbed to his injuries sustained during the clash and passed away. Another 3 people died on the rally due to ‘medical complications.’

Unfortunately, her death was in vain as Congress reconvened and certified the results of the election, with 0 investigation on the plethora of evidence that was compiled by many sources. As an individual who is generally repulsed by cheating, we unfortunately got emotionally involved in this outcome.

President Trump also conceded on Thursday 07 Jan 2021.

After thinking about this, we hold President Trump accountable for the unnecessary loss of life. Having a mass rally outside the Capitol may have been a strategy to put pressure on Vice President Pence but came with massive risks, namely that the decision to certify the results was a fait accompli,  and would certainly provoke an already exasperated crowd. The risks were clear prior to the event taking place.

The larger issue is that President Trump still frames the result as a personal injury and did not transcend to see the larger issue of preserving election integrity. If he saw this as a larger issue as we see it, he should have used all necessary tools in the Presidential arsenal to have all the data corralled and presented. But he hired mostly people he was comfortable with, either because they looked ‘right’ to him, to various positions of power, and they promptly stabbed in him in the back.

Cartoonist Ben Garrison captures the effect of a lack of diversity in an organization.

The above cartoon captures the point.

Trump surrounded himself with people that looked the right part. If he had more racial diversity, it could have created a situation where people with different cultural backgrounds debate one another and avoided the group think scenario that ultimately, brought him down. For example, if you hired Wray to head the FBI and Haspel to head the CIA, you deserve the results of putting those people in charge of the organizations they head.

If Trump can’t defend the United States from a well executed plan to subvert the election , he can’t defend the United States.

Our conclusion is that widespread fraud involved in the election was clear and unmistakable. We have already provided a screen grab showing an example which was correlated to the exact timestamp of the result update as recorded by the New York Times, the timestamp being  2020-11-04 04:08:51AM. To that we have riveting testimonies and even video cams but as it stands now, all of this evidence counts for nothing, but 6 lives lost in the process.

Looting and burning is ok as long as the Left sanctions it.

We are prepared to move on, not because we have changed our view of the above, but because we believe that our Universe is built on certain principles. And one such principle states that ill gotten gains will consume those responsible.

The larger point was whether the American system of governance was able to right the wrong. This is the American system of governance that they preached to so-called Third World nations on integrity, democracy and checks and balances.

We now know that to be complete garbage. 

On hindsight, it seems that this too should have been known in advance. Prior to the Elections of 2020, there was a notion that America was some sort of shinning city on a hill, and that the country which preached democracy and free speech, was held to some higher ideal. And some ruminations about the rule of law.

Those notions have now been chucked in a dustbin. 

In fact, we see less difference between the system of representation in the United States that can be bent by the big media, oligarchies and political elite class with that of any other totalitarian regime. While other totalitarian regimes control by the will of the gun, the United States oligarchies control by the networks and platforms one is a member of.

Want to be on YouTube? Then refrain from calling the Election of 2020 a fraudulent election? Want to work in a big corporation? Sprout the garbage that there is no such thing as a man or woman but a variety of gender categories, when pressed for an answer, or be shown the door.

Remember, woke people punish those who oppose their views. They join the line of other hardline ideological regimes such as the Jacobins, the Bolsheviks, the Nazis and all a variety of other groupings who claimed moral authority and their right to punish those not subscribing to their views. The only difference is that currently, the Woke People inflict economic harm on their dissenters, which could change in the future.

Lastly, we have closed the chapter on our News Junkie addiction, something we are happy about.

If previously, we were guilty of opening a Chrome tab at every conceivable point and pointing it to either Bloomberg or FT or CNBC, or lingering on Twitter, under the pretext of “finding out what is happening in the word” – today the Twitter App is deleted and the Chrome tab does not navigate to such Fake News outlets. Instead, we download research papers and currently are reading something on “Fast Neighborhood Graph Search using Cartesian Concatenation“. The Fake News media empire makes money by manipulating your belief system and puts out articles to trigger emotional reactions.

Today we decided that we will no longer play this game.

Lastly, a pointer on article that may be relevant in the future.

The above article is about a confirmed hack on Leonardo SpA, an Italian defence contractor. How is it related? Time may tell.

So we welcome Biden’s German Shepherds to the White House. The man who could not pack a parking lot was said to have won 80 million votes.

We will grab our chairs and popcorn to see how this man, the owner of the DOTUS(es), will meander the various special interests and political machinations that propelled him to power.


On 09 Jan 2021, Big Tech platforms are actively de-platforming Trump supporters. There is also talk of a planned armed riot on Jan 17, 2021. We may update with a new post on possible political risk in the United States at a latter date. Other issues of equal importance is the rift between Solskjaer and Donny Van de Beek. Wonder what is going on with that?

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