Crossing the Rubicon

The President needs to grasp the reality of the situation.


One of the first tasks facing a newly appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is to write the Letter of Last Resort,  identically worded handwritten letters from the Prime Minister to the commanding officers of the four British ballistic missile submarines.

The letter contemplates a scenario where an enemy nuclear strike has destroyed the British Government, and killed both the Prime Minister and his immediate successor. The letter conveys the final order of the now presumed deceased Head of the UK Government, written in his own handwriting, to the commanders in charge of the most powerful weapon in the British Nuclear arsenal. If there was a point where someone had to be cognizant of how they will be remembered – writing that letter perfectly captures the moment.

Many former Prime Ministers have described the moment that they write that letter as a moment of extreme gravity. At that point, they probably realize – being in charge of a Government, with the capability of destroying half the planet is not a joke or a TV Drama.

This is perhaps one weakness of President Trump. I am not convinced that he actually realizes the power and weight of the position he currently holds. But today he faces a stark decision either to accept the reality presented to him by his political enemies, or to accept reality.

The reality facing the United States is nothing to do with cases of voter fraud or election irregularity. It has nothing to do with getting already stressed Americans to call their elected representatives, members of the same DC Swamp class who are responsible for the current state of affairs.

There is the $9 billion a year tax-payer funded FBI whose job is to investigate these cases of voter fraud and uphold the rule of law. So far, the indication received to date from their public declaration is that there were no credible incidents of voter fraud that could change the outcome of the election, as ex-Justice Secretary Barr had said prior to his resignation.

This is the biggest garbage on the planet and it will be naïve for any sane thinking person to assume that the FBI does not know what we are about to disclose.

We have already shown that at 04:08.51 am on the 04th December 2020, 19,257 votes were switched in the Pennsylvania election race from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. This is corroborated with the accompanying shots the vote count in the background as broadcast by CNN. This was by no means the only case – there were numerous other cases any person who has access to the time-stamped vote counts data file could deduce with a little bit of technology skill.  This means anybody.

The reality facing the United States is about the ex-head of CISA, declaring publicly that the election was devoid of any foreign interference even before the results were even concluded. This is the same individual who is the head of the Cyber Security Intelligence Agency which did not uncover the bone crunching Solar Winds hack. Solar Winds is the platform system used in the US Military and NATO and the hack allowed foreign enemies to install Trojan Horses in the most sensitive computer systems in the planet. There could not be a more clear example of incompetence at the forefront of the United States cyber defense. This hack did not just happen last week, it could have been going on as early as this summer. Yet, Trump appointed him to that position. Perhaps he liked the way he looked.

Does the American Republic hinge on this call?

The reality facing the United States is about how the Decision Desk  in Fox News could issue a call as the President took a commanding lead in key swing states, that Joe Biden had won Arizona when the votes were barely counted.

The point is not about the call – it is about the cascade of events that took place soon afterwards. It is about the election officials in Georgia, far away removed from FOX News Headquarters, declaring that counting was over for the night and sending poll observers home – and then to pull out boxes of ballots concealed under the table and count them with no observers present. It is about poll workers in Michigan telling everybody that counting was stopped for the night, only for hundreds of thousands of ballots to appear out of food delivery trucks.

Jesse Morgan stepped up for the President. He risked his job and livelihood for the Republic.

The reality facing the United States is about a regular truck driver testifying under oath that he delivered over 200,000 postal ballots across state-lines in clear violation of the law. When interviewed by the  the FBI, the investigator’s  directed their line of questioning to whether the witness received money from the Republican party and nothing about the missing trailer truck containing out of state ballots he had testified. Are you telling me that they do not know anything about this?

The reality facing the United States is about postal workers testifying that they were instructed to post-mark ballots. The reality facing the United States is about billionaires spending more than half a billion dollars individually to install ballot dropboxes and hire almost the entire system that will be in charge of counting and adjudicating this vote.

The reality facing the United States is that we only know about the puppets on this string.  We know about the poll worker in Georgia with blonde braids who slipped carted ballot box from under the table. We know about the Antifa supporting Dominion CTO. We know about the vote switch in Michigan. We know about the Postal Service superiors giving orders to back – date ballots. We know about Jesse Morgan and his story.

But we know nothing about the puppet masters behind this whole set of affairs.

If you can pass one message to the President – you have tell him, to stop kidding around. 

It is certainly not “Fighting from Trump.”

He shows tremendous lack of understanding of the situation if he thinks the ratings of Foxnews bare any relevance in this grave scenario. Or if this is a fight for him personally.

He should ask himself the question, whether the owner of Foxnews was the one who is individually responsible for giving the orders to the person on the Decision Desk to issue the call that triggered a whole cascade of events? Don’t sound so naïve.

This is not a game anymore.

The question is not whether he won or lost.

The question is whether a group of individuals conspired together to subvert the United States Government, and whether he as the 45th President of the United States is going to do anything about it.

The question is whether the most powerful armed force in the planet will have as Commander in Chief, a person not elected through the provisions of the United States Constitution but rather through a well thought out , organized and synchronized with military like precision manipulation of the democratic process, which disenfranchises the Constitutional right of millions of Americans .

This happened on his watch.

2,000 years ago, Julius Caesar faced the same question.

Caesar crossed the rubicon to dismantle the ruling Roman Political Class

His enemies in the Roman Senate had ordered Caesar to disband his army and return to Rome, which could only mean getting ‘FIRED’ Roman style. In deciding his next move, Julius Caesar surveyed the Rubicon River, which marked Rome’s northern border.  His next move could either mean his own personal downfall or plunging the Roman Empire into civil war.

Caesar crossed that river , and passed the point of no return.

Today, the President of the United States faces that same river.

He faces the river President Franklin D. Roosevelt faced when he declared war on both Germany and Japan in early December 1941. He faces the same river, President Abraham Lincoln faced when he declared war on the Confederate States so soon after winning the election of 1861. He faces the same river President John F Kennedy faced in taking the United States on the brink of nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union – a conflict that was only avoided because of a Soviet officer on board a nuclear submarine in the waters of Cuba dissented with his Commanding Officer’s order to fire a nuclear weapon.

The point is the die has already been cast – whoever was coordinating this entire operation made that decision. They made that decision because they though the President to be a fool . They reasoned that beneath the bluster, the tweets, the Trumpian behaviour, was a man who only took the job because he could appear on TV.

Today that man can either prove them right, or prove them wrong.

Yours Truly,


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