Hypocritical of FBI to persecute 1MDB but fail to do anything

We vent our anger at the FBI for investigating 1MDB but not election fraud.


This article is not about who won the Election as we recognise Biden’s dogs as DOTUS(es) Elect. It is about how the FBI and Big Media pick on a small country like Malaysia, insinuate that it is a Kleptocracy but do NOTHING when fraud in the United States in choosing the most powerful office in the world, is so blatant and obvious. We show complete with screen grabs how the same vote switch which occurred in Antrim County Michigan, occurred in Pennsylvania at 04:08 am on 04th November 2020.

Today we want to call out the FBI for having two different standards : one for Malaysia and the other for the United States.

On election night, there were many systems connecting major news outlets with the votes as they were counted. The connections were real-time as each news outlet probably tried to out do each other in being the first to report the numbers.

Now all we need to assume as ground truth in order to prove fraud is a simple premise: There is no such thing as negative votes. No matter how much you dislike the President, you cannot give him a negative vote. You can only vote for his opponent.

This means that at each update point, the difference between the prior count and the new count for each candidate has to be greater or equals to zero. If you detect that in the new update, the vote count for the candidate has gone down – that is the bonafide evidence of some irregularity.

The first is the Antrim county case in Michigan, when approximately 6,000 votes were switched from Biden to Trump.

Now the point is, you do not need for Republican county officials to tell you this.

You can clearly triangulate this from the data as recorded by the New York Times over here.

In it you will see that prior to the timestamp 1:51.52 AM on 04 November, the last timestamp at 1:51.26 AM had Trump with a share of 57.8% of total votes cast of 573,857. When this was updated approximately 26 seconds later, Trump’s new vote share was 56.8% on total votes cast of 574,417.

In that interval, Trump lost approximately 6,000 votes – a clear violation of the “no negative update” principle. This proves that this detection method we have outlined works – it was vindicated in the Antrim county incident.

So this was the Antrim vote county switch in its full gory detail as clearly evidenced in the New York Times data file and easily available to any person who knows rudimentary investigative skills (have Internet connection, can use Excel, know how to enter add, multiply and subtract).

The obvious question is whether did it happen else where and how can we prove it?

Our answer: How about video evidence????

But we are talking of the $9 Billion a year tax payer funded FBI here, the same FBI which could come out with this massive elaborate network of people involved in 1MDB, who can trace money flows in and out of banks with the unintended consequence that Malaysia was accused of being a Kleptocracy!

There is a saying in Malay about “watching out for the sides of the skirts worn by others” (Menjaga tepi kain orang).” 

If the FBI was so well developed to watch out for the sides of skirts worn by our ex-PM, or perhaps his dear wife, then we will return the favor and show multiple events where the same thing that happened at 1:51:52AM in Antrim county happened in Pennsylvania.

We will even provide it complete with the pictorial evidence.

The 19,000 vote switch at November 04, 2020 at 4:07 AM 

The data for this can be obtained from over here.

We see at timestamp 04:07.432 AM on the 04th November , President Trump had 56.6% of total votes of 2,984,468. At the next timestamp at 04:08:51AM, President Trump had 56.0% of total votes of 2,984,522.

He lost 0.6% of total vote on over 2 million votes counted on an update of about 54 votes! How irregular is that?!

At timestamp 2020-11-04T04:08:51 on the update EEVP = 42, a full 68 seconds after the last update, a total of 19,257 votes was switched from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the state of Pennsylvania.

It is even caught on tape as this particular update was broadcast by CNN!

So how can Wall Street Journal accuse Malaysia of kleptocracy and keep quiet about this? 1MDB My Foot! Billion Dollar Whale?! Ptuiih!

So how can the FBI, who can trace flows of money in and out of international banks not even able to spot the most basic, the most obvious and most glaring signs of vote switching which is obvious to any one! 

Actually, if you go through the JSON file . There are many more. But this is the one we want to focus on because of the CNN Footage accompanying it.

This is undeniable proof. 

We were so angry, so angry about this double standard (“dwi-standard”). It is okay if the FBI wants to fool the American public, that is their problem. But it is not fair to Pekanites to see this double standard.

(There was a touching video of a little girl crying because Najib lost , while her mother trolled her,  all because of this double standard by the FBI. )




We have no intention to interfere in US politics. This is about setting the record straight on what a great system we have in Malaysia.

This article is about Malaysia, a county accused indirectly by the FBI of being a kleptocracy. It is about a county that had a democratic election in 2018 where votes were counted faithfully and the Government changed, in 1 day because at the apex of the Malaysian constitution is the role of the His Majesty, the King, the Yang DiPertuan Agong.

The transition of power from one entity to another took place in less than 1 day. This from a country accused of being a Kleptocracy.

While we were appalled at the fraud that occurred in the United States, we consoled ourselves with any straw we could grasp our fingers at.

Finally, we came to the conclusion that the only silver lining is that Joe Biden’s beautiful German Shepherds will become official Dogs Of The United States.

So Malaysia is not a Kleptocracy at all.  That is our point! 

With that off our chest we can focus on Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspurs tonight at Stanfield. We have completed our preparations for tonight’s Joes Mourinho Masterclass

Come on you Spurs!

(Our Prediction: Jose Mourinho masterclass 3 – 0  win with Son to open the scoring and Kane to score later on.  Stevie B will add one as well after played through by the indomitable Tanguy N’dombele .)

Updated: Silly Roberto Firminho did nothing for 90 minutes and then scores in the 91st. Stevie-B should have put away his chances. Liverpool won 2-1. 

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