Breaking News: Texas sues dodgy states

Texas has taken a step to protect the integrity of elections in the United States but United lost and that is all that matters.



The Great state of TEXAS has sued Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania & Wisconsin over election irregularities!

It is not clear whether this will stick in the Supreme Court of the United States, but if it does, then the Supreme Court can call the election in dispute.

From the complaint:

“Our Country stands at an important crossroads. Either the Constitution matters and it must be followed, even when some officials consider it inconvenient or out of date, or it is simply a piece of parchment on display… We ask the Court to choose the former.”

There is far too much election irregularities going on. We just hate for cheaters to win!

Mainstream media is in denial over the Texas lawsuit. There is no guarantee that it President Trump will win re-election but the silence is deafening.

Now if only Man United gets a draw tonight, it will be perfect.



United loss 3-2 against Leipzig after trailing 3-0 at the 70th minute mark.

Yes – this is more important than the biggest constitutional crisis facing the United States since the Civil War. It is so disappointing, same old defensive fragilities exposed.

Harry Maguire is just not the  £80 million pound defender that United thought they were getting.

In contrast, , Tottenham Hotspur has been transformed under Mourinho 3.0 into a defensive rock, anchored by the other Toby,  Toby Alderweireld (signed for £7 million), and the Eric spelt with a K, Erik Dyer, signed for £4 million. Mourinho has also transformed the once error prone Serge Aurier, who cost  £15 million into one of the best right-backs in the league. Also on the other wing you have the super impressive-at-a-bargain price signing Sergio Reguilón , who was recently signed for £30 million. Screening them is the midfield duo of Moussa Sissoko, signed for £30 m  and the best Pierre in the league, Pierre-Emile Højbjerg signed for £15 million. 

So for the price of 1 Toby Maguire and top-up of  £20 m,  which you can get by signing a documentary deal with Amazon, you get the entire Tottenham defensive line up of  6 players, which currently boasts the meanest defensive line up in the league.

I have said it before – David Levy is levels ahead of Ed Woodward when it comes to deal making. 


The US Supreme Court has docketed the lawsuit brought about by the Great State of Texas against the Midwestern states. [ Update: It does not mean that Supreme Court will hear the suit. ]

The offending states, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Georgia have until December 10th 2020 to respond. Alabama and Florida have been rumored to intend to join Texas in this lawsuit.  The suit is that non-legislative actors (i.e. the Governors and the State Secretaries) changed the time and manner of the Presidential election , which violates the US Constitution. reports that the states have no chance of success.

Noted that an earlier lawsuit brought by Republican lawmakers against Pennsylvania was denied by the US Supreme Court. So its a long shot, realistically speaking.

All major news sites are treating this as a nothing burger.

Our official view is like this:

If the case succeeds and (a still big if), President Donald Trump secures re-election, then the provisions of the United States constitution, which was formulated hundreds of years earlier, even before cars were invented, prevented a destruction of the institution of democratic elections through wide-spread fraud.

If it does not succeed, then there will be an incoming Biden administration and we can look forward to having official Dogs Of The United States or DOTUS(es). Interestingly, it would the Democrats in a position to pack the Supreme Court, as the “Progressive” wing of the Democrat party has alluded to. So there is an interesting dimension of self-preservation, hanging over the Supreme Court.  We think that the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the plaintiffs on the merits of the case.

If not, Biden’s German Shepherds becomes DOTUS(es).


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