Database record deletion is easy to detect

The coverup is usually worse.


This article is not about politics, so for the purpose of those enforcing Rep. Occasio Cortez’s thought crime policy, our policy is : “Biden is good. We like Biden. Orange man is a bad hombre.

With that out of the way, we want to turn our attention to reports from NTD News which claims that certain records in the city of Detroit are in the process of being deleted.

We don’t know if this is true, but if this is indeed true, all Trump supporters should be jumping for joy.


First lets give a shout out to Oracle. Yes that Oracle – even mentioning the name of Oracle sounds expensive. That is because Oracle is the defacto king of databases, and they make sure that mere mortals who decide to go for Oracle pay top dollar.  The security around Oracle databases is state of the art – this is the same database that big financial institutions, healthcare giants and governments use because of its top notch security.

So hypothetically, lets assume the City of Rembau decided to commit electoral fraud. The worst system from a fraudster’s point of view would be to have the election system residing on an Oracle database.

This is because of this nasty thing called Audit logs. Every transaction would have been audited. And to my knowledge, Oracle was precisely engineered with that degree of sophistication to make it virtually impossible to alter the audit logs. So in the event, Justice of Rembau decides to send the Rembau Bureau of Investigation,  it would be a “piece of cake” to find incriminating evidence of fraud by just examining the audit logs. What is worse is if the system resides on a cloud, because then you will have multiple systems detecting login attempts and use of privileged user ids.  The evidence trail is so obvious perhaps even a junior RBI agent will be able to find it.

Deleting records on a database is like this to any trained Computer Forensic specialist.


It will be like an airport landing system, guiding a Computer Forensic specialist starting from the Citrix Webserver to remote login, to the firewall logs, to the database server, to the database.

But we are talking hypotheticals here . What is not in doubt is the technical capability of the United States Federal Law Enforcement – after all they even broke Apple’s patented technology. The question is whether they will use it – we cannot answer that question because in light of Rep. Cortez’s threat, we are merely talking about the good City of Rembau here, a city which will never contemplate election fraud, or if it did, will not be stupid enough to run the system on the world’s most secure database.

Some Comments:

Today is November 10th 2020,  a full 1 week from Election Day. The race is not over yet as many states have yet to certify the election results. Remember, this all because President Trump carried an overwhelming number of votes, which makes any attempt to overturn the result extremely difficult to execute without leaving a messy trail of evidence.

And there is a messy trail of evidence currently being explored by many parties, including the FBI. If there is no winner by the 2nd week of December, Trump wins by virtue of the Congressional Delegation, because Republicans swept the state legislatures.

We have a working hypothesis of what happened and is far more sinister than any Robert Ludlum novel. To arrive at this hypothesis you need to piece together 5 pieces of evidence. Lets wait until the FBI makes the first arrest.


  • In other news, the President fired Mark Esper as Defense Secretary on Twitter
  • The State of Georgia may exclude over 100,000 votes due to legal challenge. 
  • More US Postal Service workers in Pennsylvania coming forward to accuse supervisors of ordering them to backdate ballots
  • Attorney General Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to pursue substantial allegations of voting irregularities before the 2020 presidential election is certified
  • CNN has uncalled Arizona for Biden as of 0841 Rembau Standard Time, 10th Nov 2020.
  • Fox News rating implode as viewers revolt over the attempted media coup
  • Trump is fighting back as per Stockdale paradox
  • Some claim that an analysis of Biden’s vote count using Benford’s Law shows that it has a unnatural distribution. These people claim that Twitter and Facebook are now banning sharing of the analysis. More to come on Mr Benford and his amazing law (Note: Some US Courts have previously accepted Benford’s Law in election fraud cases)

This is the current state of the Election race as per Real Clear Politics

  • Multiple lawsuits being filed in different states

As we have said , the 2020 Presidential Election result has yet to be finalized.  It could be Biden, it could be Trump, it could be Kanye West.

Those who tried to force us to admit that the election has been decided are plain wrong, but will they admit it ?

Example of fraud allegation as contained in civil complaint

Mitch McConnell shows his hand and takes up the fight

We believe that Representative  Alexandra Occasio Cortez decision to create the list of Trump donors made it necessary for all GOP establishment to support Trump. All donors would have been freaked out and demanded that the GOP fight the election interference “sampai ke lubuk cacing” or to the worm’s hole.

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