2nd wave is here

2nd wave is worse than the first wave


In the run up to the US elections, most Mainstream media was focusing on the Covid situation in the United States, which they blamed squarely on President Trump.

[Note: Congresswoman AOC promised to go after Trump supporters in this tweet over here so for the record, the official Rembau Times stand is:

  • Biden is good.
  • Biden is the best.
  • My best friend is Biden. 
  • Democrats are good people. Republicans are bad hombres. 

Hope that the incoming Biden administration will apply a National Security Law, similar to Hong Kong so we can all benefit from their progressive values.


In Europe we have several concerning indicators.

The whole of Western Europe is literally ablaze with Covid. The situation now is much worse than the situation in the earlier part of the year, when equity markets were tanking as the Covid statistics came out.

For example, take Switzerland. Yesterday, Switzerland recorded 9,000 Covid cases with a mortality of 84 individuals.

There are several implications on this:

How long will Covid last?

I think people are looking at 2022, so an extra 1 more year from now. By then perhaps a vaccine would have been developed.

Economic Damage?

The Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality sector is directly in the face of Covid. This would also include cinema operators and retail malls, to an extent. So far, the banking sectors of the Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong have seemed resilient.

Any comments.

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