To the courts…

  • The result won’t be known for some time.
  • A dump of 100,000 ballots happened in Wisconsin and Michigan* with had 100 % Biden votes. This erased President Trump’s lead and fake news media has Biden up by 20,000 votes
  • Counting in Georgia was stopped due to a “burst water piper”. Trump was leading at that time.
  • Trump is leading in North Carolina
  • Fox called Arizona early for Biden when not all the ballots were counted
  • In Pennsylvania, the fake news media keeps changing the number of outstanding votes. President Trump currently has a lead of  504,080 votes. A review of the big Dem counties shows that the current outstanding ballots are
  • Philadelphia – 250,000 votes
  • Montgomery –   74,000 votes
  • Allegheny – 223,000 votes
  • In Michigan, new ballots erased the President’s commanding lead.

There are other smaller banks, but this is the bulk of the outstanding votes.

There is also a reporter on Twitter claiming he has video evidence of school lunch ladies engaging in voter fraud.


Our view is that the President fill fight this all the way to the Supreme Court.

Whatever said and done , as Malaysians we can be proud of SPR and our election officials and our system of Constitutional Monarchy. Remember in 2018, we transitioned from BN Government to Pakatan Harapan Government peacefully. The voting was clean and the issue was resolved by the next day. The system of having state monarchs through the Raja-Raja Melayu ensures that the votes are honoured .

In the US, there is actually a history of voter fraud – you can watch in Gangs of New York to understand more. In 2020, the plan was to keep pumping these opinion polls that have Biden leading , falling back to plan B , which was to call states early for Biden, and when all of that failed – outright voter fraud with hundreds of thousands of votes suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

 A reader raised a point of order


The link shows that the President is currently ahead as below, but that is not the point

You expect me to believe that in the middle of counting an election, where we now know of a coordinated move to commit voter fraud, from having pollsters consistently put Biden way way ahead, to Foxnews calling elections early for Biden without all the votes counted, to 100,000s votes suddenly appearing out of nowhere all for Biden, to officials counting ballots secretly at night, to evidence emerging of Trump votes being tossed into the dustbin, to county officials in Arizona advising people to use the wrong type of pen to record their votes – that somehow, suddenly a water pipe burst in Fulton county?

Show us the evidence of the water pipe bursting? Show us the evidence of the work order on that pipe?

Was there a reason that the Democrats wanted to stop the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Cohen Baron, who was nominated precisely at the moment required for her to cast the deciding vote in any electoral fraud petition?

Come on, man – we are Malaysians. Even the infamous 1987 blackout during the UMNO Presidential elections cannot  compare to this.

We call elections, we cannot call voter fraud.

No longer our concern, up to American courts and people to fight this out.

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  1. Even it is a fraud, we can’t do anything. There is too much negativity in the comment when you see US news. I stop following all the US news already