All over for Dems. Trump has this in the bag

10 Counties will determine this years election. Once they announce, life can return to normal.


Some say that the US Presidential election will be a cliffhanger and the results won’t be known until several days later.

That is because you may be influenced by the Mainstream media who claim to do data journalism but essentially peddle their view points. There is no data journalism – just Wokism.

Look here – the election is already over.

By now, if the Democrats were going to take over the White House, they would have gained strength in the key Democrat counties. However our Direction of Polls report shows that the Democrats are lagging behind vote margins in the Mid West. This correlates with Trump enthusiasm we see on the ground.

If Dems lose the Mid West, as they are now – they are wiped out.

We feel that with such a strong momentum for President Trump* , the result can be actually be known once these counties report.

In Pennsylvania – Allegheny , Bucks , Chester , Delaware , Lehigh , Montgomery , Philadelphia. If the Democrats are only ahead by less than 500,000 votes after these counties report then the Democrats are wiped out in Pennsylvania. 

Trump rally in the Hollywood bro!

In Michigan – Dakota , Hennepin , Ramsey. If the Democrats have not won these areas convincingly, then the Democrats are toast in Michigan. And the Rembau Times Direction of Polls indicator shows clearly that Democrats are toast in Michigan.

If Trump has won Michigan early, then the election is won.  We believe the massive weakness of the Democrats in Pennsylvania’s big counties will allow us to call the election early in favour of the President.

Reader Calvin got this spot on. Congrats Calvin

If there is 1 reason why Trump will win on a landslide:


Once that is done we can get back to our lives, even if it involves watching stuff like this:



Note: We disagree with the mass rallies on account of Covid transmission

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  1. Its fraud. That is for the Americans to fight it out. Here is what happened

    Molly McCann
    thinks Fox deliberately called Arizona to cut off counting in the midwest. They stopped counting in Maricopa, AZ, and the midwest completely froze. Then the 100,000+ votes came in in Michigan at 4am. That was the play. Pass it on.