Antifa is a terrorist organization. FBI are you blind?

A peaceful parade in Beverly Hills is ended when Antifa shows up


A peaceful parade in Beverly Hills which featured Trump supporters decked in various costumes came to an end when Antifa showed up. We are a Malaysian entity but Antifa is so sickening that even we cannot keep quiet any longer.

FBI – Are you blind?

It was a colorful parade in Beverly Hills featuring creative outfits.

There was even one guy dressed as a Pharaoh. Basically this was Americans expressing their quirky Americanism which gets broadcast all over the world through CNN, prior to CNN getting Trump Derangement Syndrome. Everybody will look at them and have a light laugh, half-mocking half-in-respect at their individual expression.

But all that changed when Antifa showed up. Antifa is like the plague.

A skirmish happened when someone from the Trump supporter broke from his line and attacked the Antifa participant.

(Note: Even though we despise Antifa, we will report things accurately. We owe it to the readers of the Rembau Times)

Very quickly other Antifa rioters joined in and went after the participant. He was savagely attacked.

The full video is over here.

That Antifa is a terrorist organization should not be in question.

That Antifa is a terrorist organization should not be in question.

Here is Antifa assaulting a member of the press. The link is here.

Antifa has probably caused more damage to American property than any other terrorist organization since Al Qaeda. The Portland riots were estimated to have cost over $1 billion in damages. Yet the FBI , the most powerful national law enforcement organization in the world, cannot handle this.

The one thing I can assure you is that no way will the Royal Malaysian Police ever allow an entity like Antifa to emerge in Malaysia.

The Royal Malaysian Police had dealt with the terrorist organization Jemayaah Islamiyah (JI) and had earlier fought the Malaysian Communist Party in the 1960s. The difference is that the Malaysian police rank and file are closely connected with the Malaysian rakyat, (society) and will never let entities like Antifa threaten the well – being of Malaysians.

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