Biden emails were a Jedi Mind Trick

As the media tries to spin away the revelations of corruption in the Democratic candidate for President, we offer yet the most plausible explaination


The media and their Technocrati enablers are going bonkers with the revelation of the Biden emails.

We provide the missing link to justify their idiotic excuses.

CNN says its a Russian conspiracy

Wolf Blitzer. Russia. Need we say more.

Twitter and Facebook says

You Are Not Allowed to Talk About This.


Credit: Ben O Garrison.

They will ban you from their platform for asking too many questions

The (failing) New York Times is playing Trump Derangement Syndrome.

We have the best explanation.

The Russians, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, hired Yoda to exert mind control which led to the entire affair. We were briefed by 20 folk who were on the Jedi Council at that time. Even Kylo-Ren confirmed it and was angry because the Russians spurned their Sith allies.

Twitter and Facebook should have banned this on account of “Unlawful use of Jedi Mind Powers” rather than the rubbish they are sprouting. That communication would have been: ACCEPTABLE

Or maybe they are playing “Dumb and Dumber” with the American people?

(Note: Dumb and Dumber – a game played by the media who thinks that their audience is so dumb, that they can sell them a dumber explanation. Usually played in a dark place where there is no democracy. Wait ! That’s the headquarters of the Washington Post.) 

So even in the unlikely case that you may not be aware of Jedi Mind Powers, the same technology was used in Spongebob the Movie by Plankton.

Mind control is well developed in Bikini Bottom, somehow the Russians got a hold of that.


You can only play this card once in the United States.

Just remember, you can only

Dumb and Dumber

once with the United States,

before they crush you.

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