World dislikes China


A quick update to our “China obsession”.

Here is the results of a global survey conducted Pew Research Centre on what the world thinks of China.

Basically around 3 out of 4 people in the developed world dislikes China.

Arm yourself with knowledge

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  1. am still waiting for the dam to collapse and millions to die so that you can clap your hand in happiness. also, i am still waiting for the collapse of Natural Gas, thus the collapse of Malaysian economy.

    if I followed all of your advice, I would have lost so much opportunity not invested in the stock market. Gloom and doom does not pay well, staying invested is a better move, granted that your prediction might come true – a very very very black swam event, but I’ll take my chances.

    so, when is the dam going to collapse?

  2. also, investing in JP Morgan at current economy climate is a no brainer. it doesn’t matter what you wrote, JP Morgan will survive and you can make lots of money when the economy recovers. so, my advice to you is invest and remove that tin foil hat of yours.

  3. Great to know that you have formed your own opinion in making an investment decision . Why not go ultra Long China stocks like Alibaba and then come again and brag about the millions you have made?

    • I am not even pro China. People like you just don’t understand, too smart until become stupid. I am not saying China is great, have I? never, I am a Malaysian. What I am criticizing you is your doom and gloom thinking, how can you not understand this? Do you even read?

      Just because I think your anti-China thing doesn’t make any sense doesn’t make me pro China. Let me make this clear, I am a Malaysian, Malaysian Chinese if you wish to label me. I finished my studies in Australia and came back, I prefer Malaysia. Visit China, dislike the place. Malaysia is my home. I am not pro china, never even said anything pro about China in any of the comments, I only say you have tunnel vision.

      The problem is you think you are smart, like very smart, like super super smart. Just be humble for once. Dont put words into my mouth. Also, I am not interested in Alibaba, no more growth.

      I bet you dont even know how to pick stocks. you probably buy blue chip companies, which is the biggest mistake.