Don’t suffer in silence. Get an SSD upgrade at Nascorp

Sickened by a slow computer with numerous Page Unresponsive errors. Get a SSD and memory upgrade at Nascorp at Sim Lim Tower.


Well its been a while since we have update this blog, but its because we have been :

There is so much that has gone since our last post. President Trump has come down with the Coronavirus which could affect the US Election, and hence the fate of the world,  there is more evidence that the 3 Gorges Dam is having some sort of malfunction and Carlo Ancelotti is life tough for all other football managers by guiding Everton to the top of the Premier League.

But today’s topic is not going to be about any of those, though we will try to explore them when time permits. Instead is about a new lease of life our Dell machine obtained courtesy of a RAM and SSD upgrade. Read on if your machine is slow.

So, regular readers of The Rembau Times maybe aware of the massive computer upgrade we did several months back over here, here and here. Basically we bought a Dell Pentium 3.8 Ghz machine to help us in sophisticated data crunching, but the entire experience left much to be desired.

The issue was the Hard drive. The standard option for the Dell Machine was a 1TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Disk Drive. That was a disaster.

Lets first explain what was going on. We use the machine for primarily 2 things : Google Chrome and Microsoft VS Code. On top of that we have McAfee AntiVirus running, which came supplied with the Dell machine for a limited time offer and we decided to sign on. We were not playing computer games or any of that sort of tomfoolery.

However, as the Dell machine had a Hard disk, the system frequently ground to a halt momentarily as the computer needed to read information from the hard disk, which takes eternity. At first, we were patient, we would press a button, twiddle our thumbs waiting for the Page Unresponsive circle of doom to end.

This happened which made we blow my top

But 2 weeks ago, our patience finally wore out. We bought a Samsung EVO 2 TB Solid State Drive from Amazon and it arrived a couple of days ago. We also picked up some extra memory as well.

That was great, now there was a small issue of actually installing it. Basically you have to move the Operating system from the Hard Disk drive to the SSD drive through a process called cloning.

We researched on YouTube, bought a Orico USB Docking station, downloaded Samsung’s Magician software and then tried to do the upgrade ourselves.

And then we got this:

Total data transfer was a grand total of


That really was a downer.

Now, we had put of the SSD upgrade precisely for this reason. While we can install software without any problems, we suck at hardware. And we were afraid of going to a computer chop-shop in case some shady operator would install some sort of spyware on our machine.

Computer Chop Shop Folk

But the Rubicon had to be crossed, we were going to work on Natural Language Processing, which involved dealing with big data and there was no way it was going to work with the current Hard drive.   And so, we packed the CPU in our bag, hailed a taxi , and headed to the one place where we would find a solution – Sim Lim Square, where you are guaranteed to find all the gadgetry known to man in 6 floors of geek land. But, we were aware of stuff that there were a lot of stories online about potential fraudsters in Sim Lim.

Nascorp saves the day

Well fortunately, the some shop in Sim Lim in the 6th floor referred us to Nascorp, a shop on the 5th floor. The issue was that cloning a system was not something everyone could do, you need specialized software to get the job done. (Note: We bought Arconis Director on Friday but still failed to do the clone, which was good considering the cloning process is pretty complex).

Nascorp is at level 5 in Sim Lim Tower

The shop owner is by no means your regular computer chop shop guy. He worked previously in JP Morgan and Citigroup in Business Disaster Recovery. He knows processes and he sure knows his way around hardware. The cloning process took a bit of time, my hard drive only had 64 GB, so if you have several hundred GB, you may have to leave it overnight. He also got a stock of some very wide monitors at dirt cheap prices.

Now let me tell you – this is not simple stuff and should not be attempted by anybody who is averse to screw drives and slots. Furthermore, we also wanted to do a RAM upgrade which involved disassembling the entire Hard Drive cage, so there was no way this was going to be workable by ourselves. Don’t ever try to do this yourself.

Long story short, the cloning process was successful and we got our PC back. Once back in our home office, as we were working on our system development way past midnight into the early hours of Sunday morning, we were amazed at how fast everything was. No more, circles of doom, no more twiddling thumbs, no more opening a webpage and hoping it would not get stuck – everything worked beautifully.

So bottom line is, if you have a Hard Disk Drive on Windows 10, you have signed up to doom and gloom. Get yourself a Samsung SSD if you are brand conscious, or if you are budget conscious, NASCORP has their own SSD they are marketing as well with a 1 year guarantee. Go to NASCORP on Level 5 Sim Lim Tower and get your self an SSD upgrade.

My machine used to make me feel like this


It now drives like this

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in /home/customer/www/ on line 326