Super Typhoon Maysak Correction

We reported on Maysak on Sunday. At that time it was heading north easterly towards Japan. However, it suddenly changed course and is poised for a head-on collision with China's most economically important region.


Super Typhoon Maysak, which we first reported on Sunday Aug 30th, is moving away from China and headed towards Korea as reported by other outlets.

This could mark the 8th typhoon to hit China this season.

As of 2247 Rembau Standard Time 01 Sept 2020, we are the only one who is predicting that Maysak will make landfall in China. This was plainly wrong as of 02 September 

It is now heading towards Korea. Our earlier reports that it changed direction to head to Shanghai was wrong.

Maysak’s original expected path is expected to hit Korea.
18 hours ago, Super Typhoon Maysak was headed towards Ko

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