Another super typhoon has formed near China

Typhoon Maysak has formed off the Philippine island. NASA says it is moving westwards towards Okinawa, but it is awfully close to China.


There is another storm alert and this involves Typhoon Maysak.

Nasa currently projects that it will veer west to the Okinawa Island. From the image above, it is awfully close to China. But we stress again that NASA is saying this typhoon is moving West wards towards Okinawa.

Weather Outlook for 3 Gorges Dam

The 10 day weather forecast as of 30th August using the ECMWF model (“European Model”) for the Yangtze River basin is showed above. Basically, it portends Flood No 6 forming on the Yangtze River basin and hitting the 3 Gorges Dam sometime in the middle of Week 2 of September.  The 3 Gorges Dam water level is currently at 161.73 m and is discharging at 54.7 mm/Hr.  The rains are expected to start around Friday this week, and the dam’s water level at that time is expected to be 155 metres. Basically, this could be a repeat of the situation Flood No 5, in the sense that the water level in the dam rises by about 10  – 12  metres to about 165 – 167 metres, which is within the dam’s designed limit of 175 metres by middle September.

As the flood season is not over in China, Rembau Times Red Alert on the 3 Gorges dam remains.

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