Did Typhoon Bavi change course?

    A super typhoon, originally headed for Korea suddenly changes course and heads for China instead.


    Something very strange happened this week.

    Last week as part of our 3 Gorges Dam monitoring we noticed Typhoon Bavi. Originally, the path it was taking seemed to head towards the Korean Peninsula. It was also not that strong.

    However, several things happened. The first is that it gained strength.

    Currently, Bavi has sustained wind speed of 140 kph.

    The second thing is that up to 10 hours ago, Typhoon Bavi was expected to make landfall at the Korean Peninsula. Even NASA thought so.

    However, right now the typhoon has altered course and is heading towards the Shandong peninsula. Shandong is the oil capital of China, where most China’s petrochemical industry is based. China has issued a ‘yellow alert’ for Typhoon Bavi and it could be one of the strongest typhoons to hit Shandong area in 70 years.

    How do you explain that?

    Typhoon Bavi changed course


    If this hits China, it will be the 8th typhoon to hit China this year.

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