Coronavirus – explained

    A documentary finally provides us all the answers. It is shocking.


    3 months ago, the most factual explanation of the Coronavirus was released by NTD news over here. The video is a bit technical and is a bit long. I could only watch for half the time before I got too angry to continue. After calming down, I wrote this article to share with our Rembau Times readers.

    Let’s unpack the basics.

    The structures called the “Spike Glycoprotein” is what makes the Coronavirus so deadly to humans. The Spike Glycoproteins act as a key that can penetrate human cells. Inside the structure are the RNA and N protein. Once the virus penetrates human cells, the RNA and N proteins, or the “bomb” of the virus is released which will replicate rapidly, targeting the human cells.

    Now based on the documentary, this virus structure does not occur naturally – yes, it is man made. This was engineered by combining Bat Coronavirus with elements of the HIV virus to make a Super Virus.

    The video talks about a researcher in China who was actively researching mutations of the Coronavirus since 2007, with the latter part of her focus on how to achieve cross species transmission. As humans, our Maker has made our cells have been made in such a way that just because a virus infects bats, it does not necessarily need to infect humans.

    The title of the talk says it all – Bat Coronavirus and its cross species (i.e. humans) as well infection

    The research conducted by that researcher was about on how to make the virus jump between bats to other species, including humans.

    A lot of people are wondering that why is Coronavirus so deadly when the world has gone through SARS. The reason is that the Coronavirus contains 4 new DNA sequences inserted into its genome.

    4 new sequences added to Coronavirus DNA

    All 4 new sequences can be found in HIV (yes as in AIDS HIV) sequence. The only other 2 genomes which exhibit the sequence is the Bat coronavirus discovered by the researcher and the Coronavirus.


    After watching this video, I think Malaysians must start to really take care and not let their guard down with respect to the Coronavirus. There are mutations in this virus that make it very deadly to humans.

    If we have to take extra precautions, please do so. My view is that this virus is not natural, but we can agree that retribution is not the purpose but education. Leave the retribution to the Divine, maybe that is why we are seeing floods in China (maybe …I am not sure, but I am sure we will get an answer).

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    1. What have you been watching lately? Alex Jones? I am not pro-china but until there is evidence it is man made and made in China, I don’t think accusing anyone or country is the right thing to do.

      If the black plague, HIV, SARS, H1N1 all can occur naturally, why can’t this virus evolve naturally? If conspiracy theories are now taken as fact, why can’t USA make this virus and release it in WuHan?

      Do you think the moon landing is fake? and elvis is still alive? Spike Glycoproteins is not unique to CoVid19, the difference between this virus and others is CoVid’s has more Spike Glycoproteins…. I know, engineered to have more by China.

      Now, where is my tin foil hat…

    2. Good point. The basis was the amino acid similarity in the structure of Covid-19 and the other candidates. The mapping of the DNA structure itself. Will update to address these 2 points

    3. Don’t think so at the first place until there is concrete prove. China will be the enemy of entire world if the virus is made in China.

    4. The video offers some compelling evidence based on a) China’s initial reaction to characterise this as originally from the seafood market b) prior research conducted by scientists on achieving human to human transmission and c) the similarities between the Covid19 genomic sequence and the virus the researcher in b) discovered. What more proof would one require sans a mea culpa by the CCP?

      • That video is by NTD. New Tang Dynasty Television is a U.S. television broadcaster, founded by Falun Gong practitioners, based in New York City with correspondents in over 70 cities worldwide.

        NTD has an agenda, I dont think you are that naive or stupid, or are you? Again, I am a Malaysian, I dont care about China or the CCP or whatever. Truth is truth. Let’s hear what the U.S. intelligence community says about COVID-19.