Joe Biden’s camp infiltrated by China – here’s the proof (and more important matters)

    Using a bit of detective work and some basic text analysis, there is great concern that the Biden camp has been compromised by the CCP.


    One thing I like about this current US Administration is Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. As an ex Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he will be well aware of the extremely subtle clues that is a dead giveaway when a personnel has been compromised by a foreign entity.

    While we have never worked in a counter intelligence role, we do have a bit of skills in deciphering some of these tell tales. And last week, Joe Biden gave the clearest proof yet that either he as a candidate or his campaign team has been infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

    It has to do with Joe Biden’s use of a quote by the late Chinese dictator, Mao Zedong on gender equality, which has been widely reported by the media over here.

    Now how do is this proof that the campaign has been infiltrated by a foreign power.

    The first is the background knowledge that the United Front Work Department of the Chinese Communist party is the unit responsible for coercion of foreign officials, either in academia, business or government – be it at the local, state or national level, to be either favorable to the party’s interests. This is a stated fact.

    The second is to understand that the Democrat leadership and policy circles is largely an incestuous swamp pool that can be traced back to the Clinton era. Their worldview has been that of globalism, which led to the massive loss of American jobs to foreign countries over the past 2 decades. Even though we have seen 2 administrations, namely the Bush and Obama administration succeed the Clinton administration, the ideology of the Democratic party is still anchored to the globalist message championed by one Robert Rubin 20 years ago.

    The third is to understand this concept of TF – IDF, or Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency. What it says is that when very rarely used terms suddenly appear in a document, or corpus to be exact, it says a lot about the subtle intention the author is intending to convey. A simple Google search reveals about 197 quotes about gender equality over here. In nowhere does the quote ascribed to Chairman Mao appear except for a passing reference to a book entitled by Nicholas D. Kristof called Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

    Let’s take a step back and understand this for a moment. We are in a season where the US Congress is united against China. Saying anything even remotely supportive of China is political suicide. Secondly, even Wall Street has come to accept that Joe Biden is going to win the election race, hence Tech stocks, which for some strange reason are seen as Democrat stocks, have been bid up to crazy amounts, while Trump stocks like Banks, Energy and the Transportation sector have been largely left to rot.  All Joe Biden needs to do is to show up on November 4th and he will win.

    So there was absolutely no reason for Joe Biden to choose to use a Chairman Mao message on national TV when his campaign speech writers would have immediately understood its implications, had another thousands of other alternatives to choose from unless it was intended to convey a message to a particular entity. That message is called confirmation.

    You figure out the rest.

    All I hope is that the CIA actually did their job!

    PS: Our suspicion is that either the phrase was entered because of the son . Come on America! It hurts us to see law enforcement not do their job because they are pissed with the President.

    Further Note 1221 AM Kuala Lumpur Time 20th July 2020

    On more important matters, Manchester United’s lineup against Chelsea for the FA Cup Semifinal looks like this:

    United XI: De Gea; Wan-Bissaka, Bailly, Lindelof, Maguire, Williams; Fred, Matic, Fernandes; James, Rashford.

    Subs: Romero, Pogba, Martial, Mata, Greenwood, Ighalo, McTominay, Fosu-Mensah.

    Martial on the bench. Greenwood on the bench, but he’s carrying an injury. Pogba on the bench. Bailly, whom many believe to be error prone is back in the line up. Midfield of Fred, Matic and Fernandes. James and Rashford up front. This looks tough for United to win, but I guess Ole needs to rest the players.

    First 20 mins and Chelsea is all over Manchester United. United is playing with 8 defensive players and is trying to do a job on Chelsea. Does not look good…

    (Manchester United winning the FA Cup and appearing in a curtain raiser against Liverpool next season is more important than the fate of the free world. If the FBI and the CIA can’t do their basic job, then why should we care?)

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