Anwar is PH best bet now

The result from Semenyih is loud and clear. Tun Mahathir needs to step down and replaced by Dato Seri Anwar.


Breaking news: As predicted by The Rembau Times as early as Jan, BN has retaken DUN Semenyih with style. They have managed to overturn ab 8,000 vote deficit to win with 2,061 votes.

The result is nothing short of a disaster. PH even lost the postal vote, with members of the police voting for in a  BN 3:1 ratio. As it stands, PH is in deep political mess.

Tok Mat has turned BN around in a matter of months.

For BN, Tok Mat’s formula of winning over the older Malay vote with Najib winning over the youth vote is proving a winner. Tok Mat is extremely pragmatic, speaks very well and has executed a perfect strategy to sew up the Malay support as early as possible. Judging by the current progress, BN can win the vote outright in Peninsula Malaysia and form a Government with either Warisan or PBB.

For PH, the writing is firmly on the wall : A one term Government that may be deposed within the next few months if there is no peaceful transition to Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim.

Dato Seri Anwar is PH last hope to remain in power.

There is no guarantee that things will improve under Dato Sri Anwar but there is certainty that things will continue to deteriorate politically if Tun Dr Mahathir remains in power. Given the candidate is from Bersatu and Tun campaigned hard for this byelection, the result can only be intepreted as a vote of no confidence by the Malays on Tun Dr Mahathir. What makes this loss even worse is that Pas President Dato Sri Hj Hadi Awang had actually stayed away from campaigning and indirectly thrown his support behind Dr Mahathir.

Even Dato Seri Hadi’s support was not enough to save Bersatu in a PH stronghold.

So will things improve under Dato Seri Anwar? Well, hopefully he can stop the bleeding by sacking Waythamoorthy , Kula Segaran and the flying car Minister from the Cabinet. There are also other things that can be done quickly to halt the decline.  And he could enforce some discipline among Ministers with respect to their relationship with the civil service. Until that change happens, PH will continue to bleed support and be confirmed to a premature exit.


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