See UMNO is so humble now


A roundup of all the news making headlines yesterday and today.

The news of the past few days has to do with Deputy Minister Marzuki’s mis-education at University Cambridge (Antarabangsa).  This has been picked on by members of Pakatan Harapan as well as being turned into jokes in the media, both locally and overseas. Surprisingly, Umno is rather quiet about this, as perhaps many Ketua Bahagians are fellow alumni from this prestigious sounding university.

However, Deputy Minister Marzuki’s educational qualifications are the least of his undoing. The bigger self inflicted goal will have to do with the decision for Bersatu to expand its wings to Sabah. That is the suicidal move as it will surely anger Dato Seri Shafee Apdal. The electoral map has been redrawn post GE14 and Sabah is Shafee Apdal country. We will wait to see this explode. UMNO President Zahid Hamidi himself has said something big is currently brewing.

The second point to discuss was Acting UMNO President Dato Seri Mohamed Hassan’s use of the term “bodoh sombong” (foolish arrogance) to describe the attitude certain Umno leaders possessed in abundance prior to GE14; an attitude he felt led subsequently to UMNO’s downfall. Interestingly only a few days earlier, the Raja Troll Malaysia @ BOSSKU aka. ex Prime Minister of Malaysia aka #MO1, Dato Seri Najik Razak revealed that he was personally very confident that UMNO would win big at the GE 14 elections because of the 3 way contests. It is presently not clear whether these two statements are related.

However credit must be given to Tok Mat for using such a strong term to describe UMNO leaders, but at the same time Tok Mat needs to make clear which leaders he is referring to so that he does not hurt the feelings of non-foolish arrogant leaders.

To me, most of those who were clearly less than intelligent and more than proud at the same time were found in the ex-PM’s inner circle, especially those who ran the GE14 campaign. Not all of them were politicians, some where members of think tanks, others were mysterious businessmen, with initiala sharing the two of the three letters in the honorific “His Royal Highness.” Some of the politicians who were in charge of Information and Communication at that material time have , whose arguments defending that scandal were sprouting arguments that were so intelectually repulsive that they were defeated in their own hamlet and to add insult to injury, have already abandoned UMNO’s ship after helping to run it aground. There were also those involved in other bovine related (aka lembu) scandals which weakened the party’s wing, especially Wanita Umno to such an extent that it could no longer function. Those are some of the culprits behind UMNO’s historic loss but if Tok Mat continues on his “Ole Gunnar Solskajer” revival,  UMNO will be back in power in no time and can perhaps form a white paper committee to look into the issue.


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