The Road To Putrajaya: Part 1 Pakatan shudders as D-Day approaches

    The Road  To Putrajaya: An UMNO story by Sir Wenger Khairy is published by The Rembau Times.


    Tuesday, June 06, 1944. The Allies assemble the largest naval force the world has ever seen off the coast of Normandy, France with one aim: to liberate France from the oppressive occupation of the Nazi Empire and deal a crushing blow to the ambitions of Adolf Hilter.

    Saturday, March 02, 2019. Less than two months after UMNO was considered dead, buried and consigned to be an exhibit in Museum Negara, Barisan Nasional attempts to do the impossible: Liberate the ex-UMNO stronghold of Semenyih from its occupation by the Axis of Harapan powers.

    For many UMNO members and supporters, the last 8 months have felt like an occupation. Not only did UMNO fall in the Federal capital, but Malaysia was renamed to “New Malaysia” or “Malaysia Baru.” Not only this hurt the feelings of UMNO grassroots, but angered many of them as they are now afraid that they may not have been granted full citizenship of “Malaysia Baru” as what happened to the poor Orang Asal of Cameron Highlands.

    Citizenship of rakyat in Malaysia Baru is now in question.

    However, this does not mean that UMNO members will cave in, and instead will fight to continue to be recognized as full citizens of Malaysia as clearly written on the Identity Card: Kad Pengenalan they carried which was issued by the BN Government, the only Government of Malaysia accepted by the people in Gerik, Sementa, Pendang and Pekan.

    Umno has over 20,000 branches throughout the country including at Kg. Tandop in Northern Malaya.

    For this impossibility, BN will need to overturn an almost 10,000 vote majority earned by the Axis of Pakatan in the last general election, which was still recent as it was held less than a year ago.

    To accomplish this, BN needs to generate a vote swing of in excess of 20%. One out of every 5 voters who rebelled against UMNO in 2019 must now repent and vote the Dacing symbol of Barisan Nasional. The demographics do not look favourable: Malays 68% and Non-Malays 32%. If the Axis Pakatan can get 100% of the Non-Malay vote, it seems impossible for UMNO to prevail this important fight as the Axis will only need 26% of the Malay vote, or one out of every four Malay votes to prevail.

    Think it is impossible? Think that this occupation of Putrajaya will be tolerated any longer by the voters, especially the Malays? Think that the Axis of Harapan will get 100% of the Non Malay vote? Think that the B40, who were denied their right for RM 2,000 BRIM will be so forgiving to the economically insane policies of  Pakatanism.

    No, no, no, no, no.

    On this day in history, 31 Jan 2019, The Rembau Times installs UMNO as the overwhelming favourite to seize the enemy stronghold of Semenyih from the Axis of Harapan. After defeating DAP, the elder brother of this alliance, UMNO now sets its sight on teaching the little brother, Bersatu, that everybody in Malaysia, maybe even in the world, knows that only UMNO can protect the Malays against the DAP Hindraf.

    UMNO is recognised globally as the defender’s of the Malays. One day it may even feature on a Google Doodle.

    So you have heard it today. The paper which predicted Trump, predicted Brexit, predicted GE 14, predicted Cameron Highlands and now predicts Semenyih will be won back by BN.

    We urge members of the Pakatan Harapan cabinet to either heed the voice of the voters, resign their posts and return back to their rightful place on the Opposition bench of His Majesty’s Parliament.

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    1. If PH can lose this semi-urban seat in a state controlled by them, then after GE15 will see police officers busy going in and out of Mahathir’s house. Rosmah got many handbags, I wonder if Mahathir got cash in his house, but I doubt the old man is that stupid. I wonder will they reopen the bungalow case and tunnel case against LGE.