Strategic importance of Cameron Highlands

    This is perhaps the most important by-election in living memory. Lose and BN is finished. Win and BN can now claim that the political war has now turned in their favour and put Pakatan on the defensive.


    The fall of the BN empire in 2018 to the hands of the invading Pakatan Harapan forces is historically similar to the surrender of the British in Malaya to the Imperial Japanese Army in 1942.  BN supporters, especially those working in the Government or GLCs, now live under Imperial Pakatanese rule and are afraid that Harapan Kempeitai will knock on their door at midnite.

    Pakatan Kempeitai have been running amok in Putrajaya. Many loyal BN rent seekers have been tortured with a cut to contracts, allowance and kickbacks.

    However, just as in the Pacific theatre in World War 2, the Pakatan war machine will now take on the  regrouped BN task force in the do or die Battle for Cameron Highlands, which has a similar historical significance to the Battle of Midway in 1942.

    Cameron Highlands by-elections is like the Battle of Midway in June 1942. Lose this and UMNO is practically finished.

    To give some historical perspective, the Battle of Midway, which pitted the Naval forces of the United States of America against the Imperial Japanese Navy has long been regarded as the turning point in World War 2’s Pacific Theatre. Whilst both sides suffered casualties, it was regarded as a tactical victory for the Allies because they managed to sink several Japanese aircraft carriers, including those which were involved in the raid on Pearl Harbour a few months back. In fact the scale of the defeat was so bad that news of the Battle of Midway was hidden from the Japanese public. 3 years and 2 months later, Japan was forced to surrender on the deck of the USS Misouri.

    BN forces need to repel the Pakatan Imperial force from overrunning Cameron.

    Likewise,  the BN in Malaya were surprised by the superior tactics of Pakatan Harapan, especially their use of Tsunami Phitnah Scorched Earth policy to overwhelm key defences and convince the simple rakyat that the BN Governmemt was 4 P Government or a Kerajaan Perompak, Penyagak, Penyamun and Pencuri. Technically, Pakatan Harapan was not wrong but it is generally considered very bad manners to accuse the BN Government of being corrupt in such a catchy fashion, which could lead simple kampong folk astray. Part of this point was brought up by Pasir Salak MP when he confronted his ex-boss Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin in Parliament on the unnecessary use of the alliteration.

    However after a torrid few months, which saw key loyal BN leaders, including the Ketua Kampung of Putrajaya,  hauled up to court, BN has formed an alliance with PAS and are ready to reuse their powerful weapons of race and religon to regain the lost territory.

    If Cameron falls to Pakatan, then BN’s fortress in Gua Musang is under threat. They can then attack PAS led Kelantan as well.

    This leads us to this massive clash between the might of the Pakatan Federal artillery againat BN local defenders and State Machinery in Pahang. Strategically, Cameron Highlands is a key defensive point for UMNO- PAS. If Pakatan overruns BN in Cameron, not only Pahang but Kelantan is in danger of falling into enemy hands as well.

    BN stalwarts like Tajuddin Abdul Rahman will be responsible to repel invading forces. He is considered by Rembau Times as one of the Top 5 MP in Malaysia. 

    Psychologically,  the stakes are much higher. This is the first by election in a BN won constituency, and all the by-elections before this has been easily won by Pakatan. It is very clear that going into this battle, BN is very confident that it will successfully defend its ground and inflict a first major defeat on Pakatan.

    Little did the candidates realise then of what we know now. The survival of BN and UMNO is now at stake in this by election.
    (Credits: Straits Times)

    And if they are succesful, BN can easily halt the perception that UMNO and ethno-religious politics is dead. This will also probably lead to the return of many UMNO MPs who jumped last year. The public and especially the civil servants will also gain in confidence that Pakatan is a one term Government and will collapase soon.

    BN PAS alliance is in full swing to defend Cameron. Rembau Times predicts that this will be won hands down by BN and mark a turning point in the war in the Pacific.
    Abuse of trust! Pahang State Govt had a loaned a 4WD to Federal machinery which was then used to campaign against BN. Kurang ajar!

    That is if BN wins. Lose, and it is practically all over for UMNO. Pakatan would have sucessfully shown that the mini revival under Tok Mat has has no effect. If this were to happen, UMNO supporters might as well regard this country as Syonan-To.

    Japanese World War 2 Propaganda poster. Lose Cameron Highlands and Malaysia may be under Imperial Pakatanese rule for decades.

    However,  The Rembau Times is predicting that BN will prevail in Cameron. Without Anwar Ibrahim as PM, Pakatan Harapan is lacking the key leadership to hold on to its captured territory. A BN win should be set in place a change in the nation’s top leadership, for if not it is just a matter of time before BN recaptures all its lost territory.

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    1. Bro Afif,
      This is The Rembau Times – the No 1 political prediction newspaper (online) in Mesia. Did you not read how Uncle Lim is now coming to the realisation that Najib may make a spectacular comeback? We said it a good 1 week before him. We predicted BN victory 2 weeks ago.
      So the analogy we use is based on the historical context. If you were a Japanese soldier in WW2, of course you would hate the Americans and consider them barbarians. But the Allies smashed Japanese control of the Pacific starting with Midway, BN too will smash Pakatan starting with Cameron. We used to support Pakatan and tolerated their incompetence. But the death of Fireman Adib meant was too much and we joined BN.
      (If you have strong connection with UMNO bloggers, plz recommend this website)
      He he he…Cameron for BN by 3,000 votes..