Robin Jib – Bamboo River or Putrajaya?

    Isn't he going to jail, you say? The way PH is losing the political narrative its more likely for Najib to once again become Prime Minister.


    If a General Election is called tomorrow, we can confidently predict that BN would either win the Government out right or form a coalition Government with PAS, with Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak as the Prime Minister!

    Such has been the political transformation of the once most derided Prime Minister to a social media sensation, a modern Robin Hood who is fighting for the poor.

    For several years prior to BN’s defeat in GE14, Najib was potrayed by his opponents as corrupt and a kleptocrart. He is now changing that perception one Facebook post at a time.

    Ever since he was deposed from power and charged in court, rather than lay down and sulk, Najib has doubled down, maintains a very public profile, offered no voice of contrition or admission of guilt and managed to carve a name for himself as “a man of the people“. His platform is via social media  channels where he is seen engaging with kampong folk , especially the poor or taking multiple acerbic swipes at the current Pakatan Harapan government. We note the presence of senior bloggers including notorious faces fron MyKMU (mai-kemud) in his entourage.

    There are 3 dynamics at play here which deserve some further discussion.

    The first is Najib’s social media team who have stuck by him. In terms of crafting a strategy they have done a 10 out of 10. Gone are the pointless interviews with “unfair” journalists and in place is a strategy to place him with the common people. There is something about placing a posh Najib with common Malaysians that make you want to say :” Hey, he aint so bad after all.”

    They also monitor Najib’s Facebook account and those deemed to be hostile are banned from disparaging him. This has created the perception that Najib is much liked, or at least is not the villan made out by his detractors.

    Number 2, Pakatan Harapan Government is in serious trouble politically because they have lost the narrative. The current narrative is no longer about 1MDB but about the broken promises, arrogance of PH leaders, infighting, subservience to DAP, weakening economy, worsening ethnic ties, questions about the special priveleges of the Malays and high cost of living. These are the issues that are most talked about and will shape the political climate.

    Number 3, PH is losing the social media war to BN, badly. PH won by using social media and they will likewise lose by social media as well. Najib is learning how to harness the power of social media to connect with people in a way he never could.

    There is a number 4, which hear this out – is it possible for Najib to become PM again?

    Najib’s new public image as a man of the people is very very compelling. His media team and loyalists are doing a superb job. All they need now is a bit of luck and Najib makes a miraculous comeback.

    Most people will think The Rembau Times is nuts but we can say it is possible for Najib to become PM, again.

    The reason goes back to the initial premise we gave,  which if there was a General Election tomorrow then BN would win and Najib would become PM by virtue of becoming the defacto BN Chairman. Even though he is not in the Supreme Council, he is still regarded as the defacto President of UMNO and will recontest as Pekan MP, and win and then manouver to become PM.

    So the question becomes how possible is for Parliament to be dissolved in the coming year, which would pave the way for the greatest political comeback in history?

    We give a 30 – 40% chance of this happening which should send shudders down the new Cabinet’s spine. The lack of direction on the succession plan could easily lead to an abrupt resignation or vote of no confidence in Parliament which will set in place this history making precedent.

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