UMNO to win in Cameron Highlands

    After suffering a series of confidence shattering defeats in the by-elections held so far, Rembau Times predicts that UMNO will succesfully defend Cameron Highlands from falling into the hands of Pakatan Harapan.

    Policeman Ramli is UMNO's best man in blue to face the enemy forces. He can hopefully restore law and order in Parliament.

    On this day in history, Jan 12 ,2019 the Rembau Times predicts that UMNO will defend Cameron Highlands.

    The reasons are the following

    Number 1 : Strong Malay and Orang Asli support.

    UMNO has chosen the best possible candidate in the form of Policeman Ramli. As a Muslim, he will get overwhelming support from the Malays, who are still angered by what happened to fireman Adib. For many, this will be also the first time in their lives they will get a chance to vote an UMNO looking candidate.

    Moreover, Pakatan Harapan senators, ministers and YB’s had threathened the Orang Asli Tok Batin’s which will backfire spectacularly.

    Number 2 : Chinese voters will sit this one out.

    Chinese voters are unhappy with the economic environment in Malaysia and the mediocre performance of most Govt Ministers. They will boycott this election.

    Number 3: Indian votes wont be enough to save Manogaran.

    There you have it. From an almost sure win case, PH will be staring at its first defeat. Its time PH leaders actually stop blaming everything on the previous regime and deliver Big Results Fast or be consigned to become a one term Government.

    This victory will also boost Tok Mat’s standing in UMNO and hopefully he will be given the role as defacto President rather than Acting President.

    The Rembau Times also issues a dreaded call that PH days as Government will most likely come to a premature end over the delay in installing Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim as PM. Many people want one thing, namely to experience Anwar as PM, failing which they will return back to UMNO.

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    1. Name me the people who wants Anwar to be PM.

      Many Malays don’t trust him, they still see the bum pirate. Then there are the Malays who don’t trust his Islamic credentials. Only his clique & family wants to see him as PM.

      What the Cina, India dan Lain-lain thinks is irrelevant. To them it’s already a certainty a Malay will be PM. Don’t forget, they voted for Tun in GE13, not Anwar.

      • I think Anwar has demonstrated support thru the PD by-election. He won with a huge support even the army bases supported him.

        Why I want Anwar to be PM
        a) We remember he was the best Finance Minister as Malaysia had extraordinary growth during his time. Our currency was at one time RM 2.6 to the USD. Unfortunately the Financial Crisis came, but if DSAI had a chance to go ahead with his policies, we may have recovered slower, but stronger. Definitely, there will be no Najib

        b) Tun is old.
        Tun is old. We respect him because he literally came out of retirement to challenge Najib and save the country from kleptocracy. But he deserves some rest, becos of all this manufactured anti Anwar sentiment, Tun thinks he needs to stick around

        c) DSAI can form a team with Mukhriz
        DSAI as PM, Mukhriz as DPM. Best match of old and new. After Malaysians had a chance to experience Anwar as PM for 1 term, Mukhriz can take over

        d) DSAI has excellent oratorical capabilities.
        His speeches during the 1990s were fantastic. I remember one occasion in 1997, once playing football with a group of friends and sipping on Kickapoo in a kedai kopi in Sitiawan, watching DSAI on TV3 deliver a political speech to officiate a factory in Penang. It was classic Anwar. I believe if the Malays had a chance to regularly listen to DSAI on TV again, they will overwhelmingly accept him. His Arabic twang is still the stuff of legends.

        e) DSAI is MP for Port Dickson,
        PD is not far from Rembau. Small point, but a point nonetheless.

        • If Mahathir trust Anwar and thinks he is fit to be PM, then what is stopping him from making him the DPM? Wan will resign immediately if Dr.M wants A as DPM, no? If Mukhriz is the DPM and Anwar PM, where does that leave Azmin? Maybe Azmin is the next PM with Mukhriz as DPM. 1 months is too long in politics, who knows… maybe Najib makes a comeback.

    2. If BN wins, the feudal lord in UMNO will continue to control the party. Khairy will not have the change to become the party president and Najib might return back to the political arena. UMNO need to lose so that Khairy and progressive youth in UMNO can overturn the party leadership. I agree BN have upper hand in this election and that’s the sad case for Malaysian

    3. Sorry KJ has no chance to lead Umno right now. Tok Mat has steadied the ship & Najib has grabbed all the headlines. Either way PH is doomed not only at Cameron but the Federal Govt as well. BN will reconquer like Macarthur in WW2