Bangsawan groupies are killing UMNO

Who are these bangsawan groupies? Are they the last of Najib's people in UMNO. Were they the ones who celebrated Najibs 40 yrs in politics?


Some who read the Rembau Times might be confused. Why suddenly we seem to support UMNO after having campaigned vigorously for Pakatan Harapan?

Well we can publicly state if today KJ becomes UMNO President, then tomorrow we will be the most rabid pro UMNO blog which is still sensible. The struggle for the Rembau Times is to bring development to Rembau and make Rembau, like Pekan, Kepala Batas and Kubang Pasu enjoy the status as the constituency of the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

But UMNO faces a big struggle due to the influence of the Bangsawan class.

Bangsawan groupies are killing UMNO!

This coupled with the lack of a strong leadership led to this previously unthinkable situation.

UMNO Sabah, once considered as a fixed deposit crumbled spectacularly today when almost all their reps left the party due to dissatiafaction with the leadership of Zahid Hamidi)
Not a Cabinet list but a defector list!

And after stabbing UMNO in the back, they sat down to eat their fill.

Ex UMNOnians including Pandikar Aman Mulia and Keruak left the party to join PH.

At least they dressed in white. In some cultures people wear white when attending a funeral.

Deputy President of UMNO leads a delegation to see Tun. Kadir Jasin correctly pointed how this grp used to be dealt with. Tengku Adnan should have dressed smarter when meeting the Prime Minister. 
UMNO at crossroads!

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