Please act!

PH must act fast against a deteriorating racial situation.


As this story goes to press, the nation has been shocked to hear that fireman, Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, is fighting for his life in Ramsay Sime Darby Medical Centre. This news has greatly angered a vast proportion of the Malaysian population.

Brave fireman fighting for his life after being attacked by an unruly mob.

With the backdrop of UMNO-PAS planned 8th Dec 2018 rally, this incident needs to be managed right now to prevent further escalation of racial tensions.  Indeed, there are now many possible permutations how this incident can further escalate and pre-emptive action is required.  What started as a land dispute can quickly flare up into something much more sinister, especially given that a vast segment of the rural Malay population, such as Felda Settlers, are now seething with anger against the PH Government.  We are afraid to say that there is ample evidence to suggest that the patience of this key segment is now reaching a breaking point.

Here are the thoughts of The Rembau Times.

GOF needs to be visible in potentially hotspot areas esp. in Selangor.

Number one, the Prime Minister needs to convene the National Security Council to ensure that the Seafield temple incident, which initially was a developer versus a temple committee issue, does not deteriorate into a racial issue.  The Menteri Besar of Selangor needs to be present at this meeting.  A show of force by the Government is an absolute necessity at this point in time to show that the rule of law still holds.  At the least, the General Operations Force needs to be deployed in key flash point areas in Selangor to ensure that there is no escalation.

Kula and Waytha have to go. Their outlook is too much driven by their days in Opposition. They have not showed the ability to lead on issues while not antagonizing tge majority.

Number two, the Prime Minister must move to sack the following Ministers: Kulasegaran as Human Resources Minister and P Waytha Moorthy as Minister in the Prime Ministers Department. These politicians are still in the Opposition members mindset and have angered a vast segment of the Malaysian electorate. As members of the Federal Government, they must use appropriate channels to voice their grievance.

Dato Abdul Rahim Hanafi was known as a tough crime fighter.

Number three, bring back Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi as IGP. Datuk Abdul Rahim was known as a tough policeman who spearheaded a campaign against violent criminals in Penang when he was serving as Chief of Police for Penang.

Number four, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister needs to visit Muhammad Adib’s family and promise stern action against those who perpetrated this crime. Telcos will need to provide the data on who had organised yesterday’s illegal gathering.

Updated: PM has promised stern action against the perpatrators. 

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