The next by-election is not about Anwar. It is about PH’s survival.

The novelty of a Pakatan Harapan administration has worn off. The public constantly ask themselves the one question that should matter to all politicians :”Am I better off with PH in power?”

Don’t be surprised if many of the youth whose vote for PH brought decades long control of BN to an end, answer firmly in the negative.

And I’ll be blunt. I totally agree – the PH Government has broken serious rules that the Rembau Times said was crucial for it to ensure the wellbeing of the people.

Rule Number 1, Don’t make the Ringgit weaken so badly that it makes Najib look good.

A point we stressed immediately after the election was to make moves to strengthen the Ringgit. So far, there has been no strategy to accomplish this. Like it or not, eventhough the ex-Minister of Finance I was known as MO1, the ex-Minister of Finance II, Dato Johari Abdul Ghani was a leader widely respected among key multinational banks and people in high commerce. The Ringgit had actually managed to strengthen in the leadup to the 14th General Election with the overwhelming expectation that a BN victory would propel the Ringgit and the KLCI. Alas, instead of recovering to RM 3.60 to the US Dollar it is now well north of RM 4.10. This is an instant feedback of what the market thinks of PH. Even Najib, who should be depressed,  ashamed and frightened, is upbeat enough to have his SST inflated kuih pao and eat it, while making fun of PH’s inability to inspire investor confidence at the same time.

Rule Number 2, Never increase prices!

There is a rule in economics which states that prices are sticky. Almost every economists did come out to remind the PH Government of this in the wake of their surprise victory. What it means is that merely replacing GST with SST will end up costing the public more because the SST will be imposed on top of an sticky ‘GST inflated’ retail price. This results in the public suffering the effects of an even higher inflation rate than under the BN government.

Rule Number 3, Never break the law of giving BRIM.

There is talk right now of BRIM being cut and handouts to civil servants being curtailed. The BRIM voters can’t do much but gripe silently. BRIM is an absolute necessity for the B40, the Bottom 40% households in the country. It should be considered as an annuity and any Government that cuts BRIM while the Ringgit is above RM 3.00 to the US Dollar deserves to be thrown out. Remember Najib had promised RM 2,000 BRIM but even though he was rejected, voters may quickly regret their act of political passion


Rule Number 4. The civil service is fighting back for BN. This is not good.

Will Kiky the cat head back to Seri Perdana?

The civil servants ron the other hand could at least stick it to the PH Government by delaying political appointees. They are hopping mad because the promised increments under Najibnomics will remain a pipe dream. Under BN, the rule was simple – “Jangan lawan tauke” .However after decades of operating under a simple rule, the new Government’s push for competency, accountability, and  transparency sounds like the message of an occupying force, who must be fought at every turn.

Moreover, the many PH ministers and deputy ministers are all very young, some were not even born when the old BN warlords had first fortified their kingdoms and declared from henceforth that particular division to be under dynastic rule.  And many civil servants, especially those at powerful Ministries like Home Affairs, Defence and Finance, having grown acustomed to the excessive formality of BN leaders, bristle at the thought of being directed by some young twenty or thirty something special officer on any matter. Some of these poweful Datos and Tan Sris had perfected the art of “smart partnerships”, and as a result were able to influence procurement contracts which had somehow slipped out of the Minister’s radar. The civil service has decided to fight back by holding back political appointees and ensuring that they do not outrank the civil service in terms of pay and by that it would mean stature. They can break PH’s delivery mechanism if this revolt is not contained.

Moreover, there are already certain comments being passed by the Malay Rulers which prima facie are not considered to be supportive of the PH Government by any stretch of the imagination.  This should also be considered as it is political suicide to lose the Malay Rulers support so early in the new Government’s tenure.

So how do we ensure that the spirit of the May 09th Tsunami Rakyat which tossed Najib and his merry kleptocrats into the South China Sea is not extinguished?  How to ensure that the ex-Pirates of Putrajaya do not manage to hold out long enough for them to make the most vengeful return ever.

The answer:  安花 or Dato Seri Anwar Bin Ibrahim as Prime Minister.

I think Dato Seri Anwar, with his relatively young age and his super strong connections in the West will do immense help for the Ringgit.  This will help millions of Malaysians by driving down market prices. And DSAI is very cognizant of how quickly moods can change and will keep the PH Government on their toes. For a man who has suffered tremendously, including the torture of being confined in a mosquito infested cell, he will certainly have the most required of skill to survive which is to be very sensitive when he feels the ground is about to change.

And so brave Pakatan Harapan supporters, let us hope that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the man who was sentenced to prison,  attacked relentlessly by UMNO cybertroopers, derided by the Hadi, defamed by the Shafee, written off and discarded as the biggest failure in politics  – yes, that same man who having tasted failure and humiliation will as Prime Minister help steer PH to safer waters.