Tsunami in Candy River


    Well, if I am going to make a prediction is that the Opposition is going to win in the Candy River (“Sg. Kandis”) by election.

    UMNO will consider this a morale boosting victory whereas PH will be stunned by this defeat.

    Najib campaigning in Candy River. Malay folks, who makeup the overwhelming majority are poised to deliver for BN. Picture credits: The Star

    The reason is that the economic upliftment agenda has yet to be fulfilled. PH also has not captured the hearts and minds of the swing voters after the victory of GE14. Unfortunately, PH has lost the momentum after winning the election. They really need some smart ppl at the co-ordination level so the voters will know whar promises are going to be delivered and what are going to get stumped.

    The UMPAS alliance will be overjoyed at this victory. They will definitely be encouraged to tell civil servants that they will be back soon.

    Bottom line: PH needs a wow factor to win.

    UMNO now enjoying life in the Opposition can look forward to a morale boosting victory in the Candy River byelection.

    Picture: Credits Free Malaysia Today.

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    1. Concur, UMNO-PAS will win. By just using last GE14 results, assuming same number of voters, votes exactly the same again, UMNO+PAS votes will give them the majority.

      The villagers will kesian Jib, Zahid, Hadi, Nik Abduh. Balas budi sedikit.

      • if you use the same number of voters and voting pattern, UMNO+PAS = 19K, PKR alone got 24K. Am not saying PKR will win this coming by-election, just that the numbers you talked about doesn’t add up.

    2. Your prediction missed the mark this time on Candy River. It looks like UMNO needs to shed its racist overtones in order to win the hearts and minds of the Malaysian people.