Crazy to freeze Najib’s daughter and grandson accounts

    Najib's daughter decries the harsh Government measures.

    Here we are again in looney tunes world.

    The last time we were in looney tunes world , Najib was Prime Minister, Rosmah was FLOM and people were busy doing this.

    Najib was adulated the last time we were here.

    Quite surprisingly we are now entering looney tunes world with this headlines.

    Najib’s daughter decries the harsh Government measures.

    I’m sorry but this is crazy!

    Why – because dearly beloved PH people, PH actually fared maginally in the Malay voting base. Together, UMNO and PAS won about 70% of the votes. The last thing PH wants is the Malay electorate to turn against the coalition so early in the reign especially when there is still a chance that we may see a massive financial crisis arising due to a US China trade war.

    Our country’s value is that it is ok to whack the politician but we keep the children out. Najib’s daughter, Nooryana is considered a victim because the public perceives her as a victim. Freezing her accounts after posting bail for the father will cause many to sympathize with her.

    (PS: I bet the decision has nothing to do with Tun but because some crazy compliance officer did it. But the effect is to make Tun look very vengeful in the eyes of the neutral public. )

    Alamak – PH oh PH….Waited 60 years to do the impossible, but will you last 100 days??




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