Dear Najib


    Dear Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak,

    The Rembau Times had consistently predicted BN’s loss since late last year and it has come to be. In fact, after we went into exile shortly after you had come to power in 2009.

    But surprisingly, we are not gloating or even celebrating what has happened to you. In fact, truth be told we saw how your advisors were leading you to defeat through many blunders after blunder after blunder. A part of us pitied you.

    Your biggest mistake as PM was to surround yourself with people who look good on the outside without considering how wicked they were on the inside. People dealt with you on a transaction basis – how much they had to put up a show to win your favour.  The end is the predicament you face today.

    As you face your future, you have chosen to battle till the last drop. In fact,  it has come to a point that you are even prepared to go to Malaysiakini for an interview. Looking at the pained expression on your face this evening was what led me to write this article.

    I will admit, even though I had wished BN to lose, a part of me sympathesis with your current situation because you did not really have the guidance you required to face lives challenges.

    Nonetheless, you can still change. It is not too late.

    However, to change you must do something you have not done before in your life and that is to put the interest of others ahead of you.

    And one way is to remember the time the wife and daughter of Pastor Koh and the time the Cabinet discussed  the abduction of their husband and father.

    So now, finally actually reveal what you know behind this abduction and possibly murder of an innocent man that has caused your Government to crumble.

    This is probably your last hope and maybe the first time you come clean and understand the most basic fact of human existence.

    Note: If you happen to read until this point, then understand it is not a coincidence.

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    1. In hind sight, those who sang your praises and are now calling for your resignation are traitors. Those who asked you to come clean and got sacked are honest men. Those who have stopped supporting you have seen the light. Those who continue to support you to this date are blind assuming you do have something to hide.