PH should form a unity govt in Kedah


The one thing PH cannot afford right now is a state election. This is because the ‘feel bad’ factor against Najib and UMNO has evaporated among a key segment of the Malay population.

At the same time, DS Mukhriz cannot afford to lose Kedah so early on. In fact, if the assembly were to dissolve and Khairy Jamaluddin emerges as UMNO President, PH is in for some serious competition.

Another factor is the language row that erupted over Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng’s decision to issue an official Govt statement in Mandarin. With little benefit to show after about 55 days in power, PH runs a severe risk of a Malay revolt.

So good luck to the PH Government, they really do need to let consolidate their position and avoid silly and unnecessary issues.

My bet is as it stands KJ to become PM in about 1.5 years time as PH leadership is severely underestimating a build up of support for New UMNO.

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  1. i think if there is a lot of public bickering and polemics, there could be widespread discontentment and the Govt could be defeated by a vote of no confidence. The old electoral boundaries will apply at BN will run to a massive victory. Chances of this happening in 2 years is abt 80%

  2. I do agree that PH should not take the risk of losing state government of Kedah although the changes are low. The smart way to do for PH is to attract more UMNO members to PH. So the longer the time for election the better for PH.
    Any reasons or conviction that you think BN will win? I am just curious to hear it because it is another black swarm prediction.

  3. Although Rembau Times called GE14 right, they seemed to have underestimated the resolve of the Malaysian people to see change through. GE 14 was not a whimsical win for PH, neither is race the primary reason for BN’s loss. With time, the true purpose of GE14’s calling will be clear.