Apandi sacked..


    On January 25, 2016 Apandi Ali who was then the Attorney General of Malaysia cleared Najib of corruption over the $681m of funds originating from 1MDB which were diverted to his account.

    Today approximately 861 days later, Apandi has been sacked from his position as Attorney General.

    He will now have enough time to consider whether it was worth it to clear the ex-PM of corruption

    The lies that were repeated and repeated on 1MDB has already claimed the Federal Government and 7 state governments. We now add to that list an Attorney General.

    Whose next??

    Now many would be thinking that the big news of the day was the appointment of Tommy Thomas as the Attorney General of Malaysia.

    To some its a historic event, but The Rembau Times sees things slightly differently.

    Number one, congrats to Attorney General Tommy Thomas. No doubt a lot of UMNO cybertroopers may be feeling very angry and bitter as they did not really like Tommy.

    However, this is just a small event. The big event was how Dato Seri Anwar managed to avoid a Palace – Government conflict.

    The Rembau Times call is Anwaer Ibrahim as Prime Minister by Sept 16,  2018. He is now going to be the great defender of the establishmemt.

    UMNO cybertroopers better learn how to mengampu Brader Anwaer.

    Wonder what about certain Magpie like blogger who infamously  whacked DSAI with certain 4 letter ephithets about our most controversial porcine animal?

    Muhahaaa…He he he.. But UMNO bloggers are capable of turning 180 degrees.

    All the political plotings to take place after Hari Raya Puasa. A by election sandwhiched between an UMNO presidential election – Thats our call.

    President of UMNO with the Prime Minister in waiting?
    Aaah….Anwaristas can practise the Arabic twang.



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      • Your rite and to think once upon a time I could solve Partial Differential Equations. Ahh..how the mighty have fallen.

    1. In the bigger scheme of things it has always been Anwar’s sandiwara.
      He’s the script writer, director, actor and award winner but does the rakyat share his sentiments or ambition?

      Pundits have got it wrong. It was never a single race tsunami but rather the earth was moved by the silent majority.

    2. The “Malay Tsunami” was a psywar tactic to confuse UMNO. Our posting had more than 55000 views including BN senior leadership.
      It worked becos Najib panicked and the campaign waz a mess.You are absolutely rite that it was the silent majority that made the diff.

      • I think Annuar Musa has already revealed the game plan. Mengampu Anwaer maximum until he decides to make his move. But his wife stands in the way. I think Wan Azizah shd have her turn as Deputy PM. Anwaer oves it to his wife who stood by him all the years. But will he be able to withstand all the rombongan UMNO that make his way to Istana Seri Segambut.