No arrests yet. Is it a concern?


    Its now about 20 days since the 14th General Elections that saw UMNO-BN dispatched from the seat of power. A Pakatan Harapan Government has already been formed, and generally things are looking quite good as the choice of Cabinet Ministers are way better than the previous Cabinet.

    There is however a nagging question people have especially after it was revealed that the country’s federal govt debt has exceeded RM 1 trillion. And that question is when, if ever will those responsible be caught?

    There are two trains of thought here.

    The first is to give the Royal Malaysian Police the benefit of doubt. After all, they did not delay in doing a comprehensive sweep of Najib’s house as well as the residences of his children. The raid netted over RM 114m in cash as well as jewelry, designer bags and gold bars. This is now in the public domain, so it is not possible for this evidence to be surpressed. At the same time they are also raiding the premises of other senior BN leaders like ex-Sabah CM, Musa Aman, who is now considered as ‘orang dikehendaki polis.’ So in that regard, the police are conducting their investigation in a fair and transparent manner. Even Red-Shirt leader Jamal has felt the heat and jumped bail, though I think that he is more of a red herring than an actual target.

    On the other hand, there is the worty that with all these raids , there will be plenty of headlines and little follow through. After all, there has been so many controversies such as the Altantuya murder case and the Pastor Koh abduction that makes it very difficult for any investigation to proceed without throwing up a lot of self incriminating evidence. To some, the life under BN when everything was swept under the carpet was more palatable than life under Pakatan Harapan, which promises transparency and good governance.

    My guess is that both views are true. There is an attempt to bring perpetrators of crime to book whilst there is an attempt to not to rock the boat too much. I think the police themselves are still trying to work out exactly what needs to be done. Perhaps BN leaders are currently in the Twilight Zone as they are under investigation but not arrested. Things will really change once if ppl like the newly installed Head of the Special Branch, Datuk Abdul Hamid Bador, takes over as IGP.


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    1. Why no arrests yet? Simple, it’s Ramadan & soon be Hari Raya. Conservative, traditionalist folks cannot accept it happening during the holy month.

      Also, gathering evidence & investigation before charges are brought up.

      Since many of those being investigated are already on travel back list, theoretically, they can’t fly away. (Well, Musa Aman managed to fly the coop.)

      • There is something called remand. Zunar Kartunis, Rafizi and Khairuddin all underwent spells under remand and they did not steal a cent or even a chocolate.