The source of our conviction behind BN’s catastrophic loss


    On Aug 26, 2017 we wrote an article entitled “Mahathir Mohammad may once again occupy the seat of power.”  For the last 9 months or so, we continued to hold this view and even issued our prediction on the election results before polling day. It was about 70% accurate for 165 seats on a mostly 3 way contest.

    We promised readers that we will reveal the source of our conviction and today we will deliver on this promise.

    Before we reveal the reason for our conviction, it must understood that UMNO/BN was judged like they never have before yesterday. They not only lost Federal power, they lost the strongholds of Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Kedah in the West Coast and Trengganu in the East Coast. They look likely to lose Sabah and even Sarawak. UMNO-BN will most likely be left with the 3 P’s – Perlis, Perak and Pahang.

    What happened on May 09th, 2018 was that the moment polls closed at 5.00 pm, we believe that the unseen throne of power was systematically removed from the presence of Barisan Nasional Federal leaders. This process continued right through the morning of May 10th and culminated at 9.30 pm on May 10th, 2018.

    For the Malaysia General Election, we believe that BN was judged severely  because it had to do with a particular case that happened on February 13th 2017, when Pastor Raymond Koh was kidnapped while driving at Jalan SS 4B/10 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia by a convoy of vehicles.

    This case was not resolved even after a year.

    We believe that this Judgement was passed on BN by God Himself.

    We can talk a lot more about how it was evident as every action by BN resulted in the opposite reaction, but we won’t want to do so today.

    Today our purpose is not politics nor is it to proselytize but to state clearly our conviction as well as to state our views on what will happen if this continues to be condoned.   We equally believe that Tun Dr Mahathir tenure as the 7th Prime Minister is dependent on whether he will take steps to resolve this case quickly, fairly and comprehensively. Anyway we will no longer be involved in media matters for a while.

    It is not our intention to convince anybody but to state our opinion. No intention to hurt or offend anyone.

    Thank You and we are signing off for now.

    Good day,Goodnight and Good bye.

    The Editor




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    1. TQVM. It has been a pleasure reading Rembau Times. Please don’t give up the fight. As Rafizi Said, we now must hold the newly elected officials accountable & don’t ever give them the free hand they previously had.

      Other dubious cases must also be reopened. Altantuya, Hussain Najadi, Teoh Beng Hock, Kevin Morias et all. Those who gave the order, those that planned & executed the order has to be bought to justice. For so long, the victims families & the Rakyat have been denied this justice. Without fear or favour, justice must prevail.