Is there a silent rebellion in the BN ranks?

Even BN machais are talking about facing a silent rebellion.

The 14th General Election is now only 5 days away.

It was only last year that Dato Seri Najib was talking about UMNO ruling for 1,000 years during his UMNO convention address, but BN is now only 120 hours away from possibly being permanently dislodged from  the position of power in Malaysia

For BN, the campaign started with a Big Bang Election Manifesto unveiling ceremony at the Axiata Stadium in Bukit Jalil. That was followed by the ‘Jualan Murah Pasar Malam’ escapade featuring 3 Cabinet Ministers and the Chief Secretary to the Government.

Then there was silence.

And silence means that theTsunami Rakyat is a 100% true.


MP for Pulai gave the earliest indication of worry when he groused about low voter turnout upon his walkabout in Pulai.

This silence is the surest sign that BN Ministers are in a state of shock. Deputy Home Minister, Nur Jazlan, let the “cat out of the bag” when he began to air his worries on low turnout due to voter apathy. Perhaps it is now dawning on him that many BN supporters are now going to sit voting day out as part of the silent rebellion.

There is silence because probably there are no possible government events attracting crowds of sufficient size to generate face saving publicity. People are staying away and the Ministers know it, and this might scare them as the election machinery is not strong.  As it is said, their programmes does not attract the voters (‘program tiada sambutan.‘)

A silent rebellion is actually worse than an open rebellion. When there is an open rebellion then there is a predetermined fight and a victor or a negotiation and a win-win. When there is a silent rebellion it means people are looking to settle the score on 1 day and have made up their minds on what they are going to do.

BN denied and came out with silly explanations. People switched off from listening to them, hence triggering the silent rebellion.

A silent rebellion is also most suited to this current administration. It has always denied, denied, denied every single grouse whether it is brought up at the PAU UMNO or through Parliament or social media. When the people complained about high cost of living, they talked about people going for vacation or eating KFC or drinking at Starbucks.

So the public see no point for a debate and are just going to execute the action.

We saw that BN was in deep trouble the moment they attacked the Mydin boss when he complained about the Average Spend Per Basket declining dramatically at the start of the year.  This was a massive piece of information that should have been acted upon.

If people are spending less in the cheapest hypermarket, and a hypermarket which caters more towards the Malay segment, this should have raised alarm bells in the heads of the “punasihat” which advise Najib. But they were too preoccupied, and so they missed what was the equivalent of the last warning they would get before BN faces election catastrophe.

In fact BN has done something to antagonise almost each and every segment of their core base. We talked about some of the reason here. In the space of the last 1 month, BN has added at least 5 other reasons to make voters extremely mad with them: (1) Disband PPBM, (2) Hold elections on Wednesday (3) Did not answer Datin Seri Rafidah’s question on the status of land belonging to the military (4) “Menang tak tahu malu” manner in Rantau, (5) Cutting out Dr Mahathir’s face from Election poster.

At the same time, Pakatan Harapan is riding the wave of discontentment with its mega rallies featuring people of all races in harmony.

Up and down the country, BN flags may line the roads and jetties but they know that the people’s hearts have been turned to support the other candidate. The voters are also very smart to keep their entire intention as silent as possible because they want to play an ‘ace’ on Najib on polling day. As Rafizi said, people “simpan dalam” (Keep inside) their feelings before making it known on election day.

This is because nothing is true in Malaysia until it is officially denied. The more times it is officially denied, the truer the allegation.

The Mufti of Pahang has openly criticised the Malay tsunami. The Rembau Times now calls this a “Tsunami Rakyat”
Utusan Melayu once again denies there is a Malay Tsunami. (We call it a Tsunami Rakyat).

Whilst the BN Politicians are trained to deny even the obvious, the statement by the Pahang Mufti was perhaps the best indication on what is worrying Barisan Nasional.  In fact, Pakatan Harapan are no longer using the term Tsunami Melayu anymore because they see that the support they get cuts across all boundaries, races and religion. Its a Tsunami Rakyat.

Even, UMNO stalwarts like Tun Daim, Tan Sri Rafidah and Dato Seri Rais Yatim have already decided to abandon ship.

Tun Daim is openly campaigning for Pakatan Harapan. In his calculation PH has 4 states with Sabah and Johor being 50-50. Credits: Malaysiakini

The first was the open endorsement of Tun Daim, which is not a small matter. Some have called him ‘the Oracle of Syed Putra’ or ‘Tun Oracle’ for his uncanny ability to correctly predict election outcomes. Some say that he has information networks that can rival even the Prime Minister in terms of on the ground voter sentiment.

His prediction is that it is likely for Pakatan Harapan to win Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor. Johor and Sabah is 50-50. Negeri Sembilan has a slim chance. Recently even BN bulls are beginning to become more cautious on BN’s chances of victory in Johor.

And this is supposed to be ‘Johor’ – tiang seri (pillar) of the UMNO.

There is also indications that other “smart money” moves are beginning to swing the pendulum away.

The Admiral of the Navy made an interesting Facebook post that told the Navy officers to vote wisely and not miss this great opportunity. He also mentioned “The vote is secret”.

BN has been overly reliant on the Military vote but the revelation that military land was privatized to unknown parties and the other factors may have burned bridges throughout the country.

It is a long shot that the General of the Army and / or the Commander of the Air Force will join the call made by the Admiral of the Navy.

Additionally, Datuk Rais Yatim, an UMNO veteran just burned all bridges with the current leadership and acknowledged that there is a sizable shift of support to Pakatan Harapan. He is now campaigning for PH in Jelebu, the hottest area in Malaysia.

But in a campaign of improbable outcomes,  what were the odds quoted two years ago of Dr Mahathir becoming Prime Minister at 93 years old campaigning on the symbol of Anwar’s party?

The Rembau Times maintains its house call for Pakatan Harpan securing 2/3 majority and winning every state in Peninsular Malaysia.

Latest News

Latest in Putrajaya. A sizeable crowd is awaiting Najib.
No that’s #fakenews. These are Government people and they are at a Pakatan Harapan rally awaiting Tun Dr Mahathir. This is supposed to be one of the safest seats for BN.

We made the call about BN losing in late 2017. This was based on conviction and not data. If we are given the chance we will share the conviction with the incoming Prime Minister and incoming Cabinet. For the benefit of readers we can share that it has to do with an incident in February 2017, where the retribution to it may have resulted in the end of BN’s reign in Malaysia.

Best Quote

Almost my entire family, whom you know to be hardcore Umno have switched sides. That’s how bad it is,” he said.

“And they don’t make much noise over it except for the nasty messages about BN that they wrote in our family’s WhatsApp group.”

“That’s why it’s actually scary.”

Lifted from LifeOfAannie blog.

Truckers for Pakatan. We had always wished to see truckers carry Pakatan Harapan flag as that is excellent branding.

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