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Breaking News: Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi, Director of JASA and an UMNO Supreme Council Member today resigned from the powerful position as the defacto Head of Propaganda for the Government. The Rembau Times applauds his decision and it shows very clearly that people at the highest levels of the Government know that it is just not worth it to support the Najib administration, for example by spewing #fakenews on the 1MDB scandal.

The importance of this news is further amplified by its absence on the Mainstream Media.

Dr Puad’s resignation is perhaps the biggest resignation to hit Government over the past 12 months. As the Director of JASA, the propaganda unit within the Prime Minister’s Department, he oversaw a massive network which includes KEMAS, the Society Development Department.  KEMAS functions as the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of the Government with a reach into almost every single village throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

The Rembau Times sees this as a potentially massive ‘swing trade’ as key allies of Dato Seri Najib ditch going ‘long’ BN and begin to take ‘short’ positions as they forsee the collapse of a once respected ruling coalition, which is fast losing support from key segments of the population. 

Whilst many may snigger and see this as the result of failing to secure a nomination to contest in the upcoming General Election, the Rembau Times sees this as partly out of conscience as Dr Puad as one of the better leaders in UMNO. In 2013, Dr Puad achieved the Herculean task of retaining his position on the powerful UMNO Supreme Council without having to resort to the use of money politics.

Datuk Dr Puad’s next moves will be widely watched. It is expected that he may still be able to serve the people of the country as an elected representative. As Tan Sri Muhiyiddin once said, there are still good people in UMNO, but they are on the wrong track (‘berada di landasan yang salah’).  Dr Puad may have come to an interchange in his political struggle and may be willing to switch tracks very soon.

Note to BN psyops team:

The rakyat is getting united. Trying to spew hate to survive is despicable. The rakyat gave BN absolute power and you know what happens next. 

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  1. My prediction : PH will get 70% popular votes. Due to massive manipulation n gerrymandering, will get 60%:parliamentary seats. But if the momentum continues, or if something big happens, PH can even get 80% votes n 70% seats. PH Wins!

  2. What prompted Dr Puad’s decision to quit his powerful director of propaganda position? Fake news and half truths cut both ways, and there is only that much “truth” he can weave in to Najib’s 1MDB time bomb. Sure, Pakatan is not out for revenge but those so called apolitical advisors on Najib’s watch, including the AG and lawyer Shafee Abdullah should take note that they will still be held to account to the full extent of the law.