Syed Saddiq – What a performance!

Syed Saddiq delivered a very mature performance. Resisted cheap shots, stayed on message.

Syed Saddiq delivered a Ministerial level performance at today’s debate organised by Sinar Harian. It was so impressive that The Rembau Times decided that this was perhaps the better aspect to highlight, which is the depth of talent pool available in Pakatan Harapan rather than to call out the UMNO Youth’s debaters assertion that the BN Government ‘has never lied to the people.’

The key takeaway was Syed Saddiq’s outstanding performance as a future leader of the country. These are the things we liked best about his performance.

  1. Not emotional at all – Even though the 1MDB issue seemed like the easiest way to score points, he stuck on message about his vision on education and uplifting the youth. A lot of his points were about the new Government policies to be introduced by a potential Pakatan Harapan Government. Stayed on message.
  2. He knows his facts, man. – When jabbed by his opponent that Pakatan Harapan had promised a RM 1,500 minimum wage, Syed Saddiq shot back. What a response when he mentioned that he would know about the promise because he was part of the team that actually drafted the manifesto. The increase happens over time and the Government will support employers on an interim basis.
  3. The best was still the come back to the allegation by his opponent that no leader in the world has raised 3 billionaires. What a come back! Syed Saddiq said that Tun has been out of the Government for about 15 years, and why hasn’t the MACC investigated him if indeed he abused his power to enrich his children.

Syed Saddiq’s performance was very professional as his appeal is to increase the vote bank. His opponent lost the audience when he claimed that BN Government has never lied to the public (cough, cough) and his cheap shot attack at Tun Mahathir. Syed Saddiq’s response that even though he respected Tun Mahathir, that was not the reason why he joined politics but rather to fight the injustice that happened after witnessing students getting suspended for debating GST.

Great, professional, disciplined and ministerial level quality. 

Shows a lot of integrity, a great asset to the country.

A concerned BN voter asked what is the guarantee that the BN Government will not repeat its lies to the public. The debaters answer was classic BN – “We have never lied.” Like if you can’t afford chicken, ‘jangan makan ayam.’ Classic!

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  1. Harapan is indeed hope for a better Malaysia with such a group of patriotic, dedicated, committed brilliant talent pool. Hidup Malaysia Negara ku.