State Visits


Note: We were watching Dr Mahathir’s ceramah at Felda Jengka when he mentioned about the different treatment accorded to him versus Najib. See for yourself .  Hopefully BN leaders will actually realize that they have no more struggle except for themselves.

Fireside chat between Dato Seri Dr Mahathir and President Reagan. At the side is Vice President Bush. Very friendly and Tun made a joke about the weather being very British.
Formal ceremony to welcome Dato Seri Mahathir , in respect of Malaysia.
Joint press conference with the US President. Malaysia’s flag was flying side by side.
Dato Seri addressing the global press in a joint press conference. Very diplomatic and high protocol accorded to Malaysia’s leader.

And for Dato Seri Najib,

This is like a scene of the Apprentice. US leaders give a stern look towards Najib. No warmth, as they have heard about 1MDB. Maybe Trump may say ‘ You’re FIRED’ to  Najib in this special episode.
This is embarrassing. Trump is showing no respect at all, folding his hands and showing extreme disrespect to his guest. By the way, Najib went there to help grow the $15 trillion dollar US economy.
The meeting was so awkward that US talks show host made fun of it.
At least Mustapha Mohammad recognizes that this is embarrassing and looks down at the table.

But the Prime Minister should not be too embarassed by this…

Treated badly by the West, Najib can always look forward to this when at home. 

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