While waiting for the world to disintegrate.


While waiting for the world to disintegrate, after Liverpool will trash United in about a days time, here are some fish sauce brands.

The best data science course on YouTube (And you can learn German as well)


This is a short shout out to Prof. Dr. Philipp Hennig, the course instructor for Tübingen Universities Probabilistic Machine Learning course available on YouTube over here.

Bridge Vectors and building the case for technology independence


To those who I think I am anti-China, this post is to rebut those allegations.

As we have decided to ignore the news cycle and focus on reading up on “Fast Neighborhood Graph Search using Cartesian Concatenation” paper for the past several days, we finally have managed to get some working level understanding

Let Them Eat Cake


One thing which has fascinated me was how the power elite in courts of Louis XIV celebrated New Years day of 1789. They probably feasted on pheasant, mutton au jus, cakes and plenty of wine in the sprawling well manicured lawns in the Palace of Versailles, all the while entertained with gossip and fancy hair styles.

They were probably oblivious to their fate that would befall them in approximately 8 months time, which saw the Palace at Versailles stormed by an angry mob of Parisians, and the Emperor and his entire family meeting violent deaths over the next several years.

Congress breached by peaceful protestors. Ex Air Force vet and Capitol Police Officer died in the process


The situation looks similar to the French Revolution, when the Emperor Louis XIV sacked the popular Finance Minister Jacques Necker, which led to the storming of the Bastille – the event that marked the beginning of the French Revolution.

In the US, the issue had to do with the lack of any action to investigate credible allegations of voter fraud which threaten the democratic process.

We ourselves have identified, numerous incidents including one at Nov 04, 2020 at 04:08 AM which saw 19,000 votes switched from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania.

Interestingly the protestors have managed to accomplish a crucial part of thwarting the certification of the election – adjourning Congress. Not even the Vice President did that but a man wearing a Bison head did that.

Fake News


On the first day of new year, Bloomberg said this.



Crossing the Rubicon


One of the first tasks facing a newly appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is to write the Letter of Last Resort,  identically worded handwritten letters from the Prime Minister to the commanding officers of the four British ballistic missile submarines.

The letter contemplates a scenario where an enemy nuclear strike has destroyed the British Government, and killed both the Prime Minister and his immediate successor. The letter conveys the final order of the now presumed deceased Head of the UK Government, written in his own handwriting, to the commanders in charge of the most powerful weapon in the British Nuclear arsenal. If there was a point where someone had to be cognizant of how they will be remembered – writing that letter perfectly captures the moment.

Many former Prime Ministers have described the moment that they write that letter as a moment of extreme gravity. At that point, they probably realize – being in charge of a Government, with the capability of destroying half the planet is not a joke or a TV Drama.

This is perhaps one weakness of President Trump. I am not convinced that he actually realizes the power and weight of the position he currently holds. But today he faces a stark decision either to accept the reality presented to him by his political enemies, or to accept reality.

Hypocritical of FBI to persecute 1MDB but fail to do anything


This article is not about who won the Election as we recognise Biden’s dogs as DOTUS(es) Elect. It is about how the FBI and Big Media pick on a small country like Malaysia, insinuate that it is a Kleptocracy but do NOTHING when fraud in the United States in choosing the most powerful office in the world, is so blatant and obvious. We show complete with screen grabs how the same vote switch which occurred in Antrim County Michigan, occurred in Pennsylvania at 04:08 am on 04th December 2020.

A Twitter challenge to Data Analysts claiming no Election Fraud


Some folk argue that there was no Election Fraud in the recently concluded US Presidential Election. The entire purpose of this post is to provide our independent analysis.

Note: This won’t change anything as the $9 billion tax payer funded FBI says ‘NOTHING’

Our view is that: Biden’s dogs will be DOTUS(es).

That is how we reconciled all of this to the eventuality. The only silver lining is that Georgia will go Dem as Trump voters recoil at the lack of ability of the GOP to present a unified front on what has transpired.

But to those who claim, no election fraud, we throw down a challenge.