Oil is recovering and we change our view on Oxy

CEO of Occidental

On April 26 2020, we issued a call when we blasted Occidental Petroleum and outlined how the company could file for voluntary Chapter 11 bankruptcy. At that time the share price was around $14.

Right move to cut consultant engagements


There has actually been a lot of developments in the geopolitical front with regards to a potential military conflict between US and China. However, this will have to wait as we address this article courtesy of the Financial Times.

FT reports that Wells Fargo CEO, Charlie Scharf has decided to cut the amount of fees the bank pays for external consultancy. To give you a size of the madness in Wells, it amounted to $1 – $1.5 billion per year.

Tips in buying a computer


When I started this article, I was annoyed. Now I am angry.

3 Gorges Dam Update – 27th July 2020

Dam design capacity is at 8% prior to start of flood season.

This is the 3 Gorges Dam update for 27th July 2020 by The Rembau Times.

You can find out the latest most up to date reading from  , including live footage of the 3 Gorges Dam.

Disaster Scenario in China

Catastrophic storm forecast to hit china

We continue our coverage on China floods with several points including ground breaking news about cavitation and how water flowing at high pressure can destroy concrete.

First, the weather outlook is very very bad. Find out more from this channel .

These are not regular storms, powerful cellular systems like monsoon type events. A very large storm cells forms over Chengdu and circulates over the area from Wednesday to Friday. This is forecast to drop up to hundreds of millilitres of rain per hour.

We also update our failure model for 3 Gorges Dam.

Rembau Times issues Red Alert on 3 Gorges Dam [Updated]


A simulation of the collapse of the 3 Gorges Dam has been released on Chinese social media.. More to follow.

Coronavirus – explained


3 months ago, the most factual explanation of the Coronavirus was released by NTD news over here. The video is a bit technical and is a bit long. I could only watch for half the time before I got too angry to continue. After calming down, I wrote this article to share with our Rembau Times readers.

Understanding China’s Flood Situation


As you probably are aware, China is currently facing one of its worst floods in recent history. This post is to give a geographical perspective on the situation.

Joe Biden’s camp infiltrated by China – here’s the proof (and more important matters)


One thing I like about this current US Administration is Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. As an ex Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he will be well aware of the extremely subtle clues that is a dead giveaway when a personnel has been compromised by a foreign entity.

While we have never worked in a counter intelligence role, we do have a bit of skills in deciphering some of these tell tales. And last week, Joe Biden gave the clearest proof yet that either he as a candidate or his campaign team has been infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party.

Covid-19 should take down Hollywood (hopefully)


If there is one positive from Covid-19 is that Hollywood, which US Attorney General William Barr has rightfully characterized as a pawn of the Chinese Communist Party,  will suffer an unprecedented financial catastrophe – the likes it has never seen before.

It is a matter of opinion whether this is Divine justice towards an entity which has corrupted not only the American public but the world at large with a hypocrisy, racial stereotypes and filth for generations.