A New World Order


We somehow get this inclination that the world is on the precipice of a new world order.

Sorry, Sonia – we don’t serve your type here.


About 15 months ago , we put pen to paper, or more precisely, Google Publisher, to outline what the vision was for our secret platform. A key component of that vision had to deal with the technology called “Natural Language Processing”, or NLP, which is also known by the term “Natural Language Understanding”, or NLU.

So what does these technologies refer to?

Basically, it is about how computer’s understand human thought when expressed as words.

The capability of modern technology to achieve that should actually not be a subject of debate at this point in time. After all, Google, Siri and Alexa are some examples of technologies that can do precisely that.

However, the question is whether this technology could be transferred to the Rembau Times, and the good people of Rembau at large.

Data, Football and Pep Guardiola


While conducting research for our secret platform, we stumbled across an amazing article by Mr. Colin Gibson, who is an Architecture & Data Management Consultant and EDM Council Regional Advocate, about the Relationship between Football Managers and Chief Data Officers over here.

(Note: This was the article that got me to join LinkedIn again after I shuttered all  social media accounts as protest against Woksim. It is important to be anonymous and to stay anonymous in this #CancelCulture world)

In his article, Mr. Gibson outlines the similarities as follows:

Both have an average tenure of about 3 years

Both need to undertake a capability assessment of their team on Day One on the job

Both should have a set of resources to read from for on the job training.

While Mr. Gibson could not find a  comprehensive “Handbook for Football Managers”, those in football management have their own favorite self help books. If you are West Ham’s David Moyes, you can get practical tips on managing Manchester United by reading ‘Good to Great”, especially after losing to Olympiakos in a Champions League qualifier. If you are a Chief Data Officer, you have probably a better resource in EDM Council’s Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) .

Both require support from the Board.

However, here is where things get interesting and I offer my perspective.

Football Managers know how to use the media to put pressure on the board to get new players and blame the team when they fail, a-hem Special One. On the other hand, the Board communicates their displeasure with the dreaded “vote of confidence.”

It will be really cool if a Chief Data Officer could use the same art of Machiavellian politics to get their latest new hardware toy, the best talent and bigger budgets.

Like if you are a Swiss bank who has already spent billions in your risk data aggregation system using Microsoft technologies , as the Chief Data Officer, you should still be able to go to the board and say with a straight face: I need £200 million for consultancy, £50 million for cloud, £100 million for bonuses , £80 million for software licenses, £ 5 million for comfy furniture,  and to be absolutely insulated from Corporate espionage. 

Communication, Communication, Communication

Football managers are required to do the obligatory post-match interview, with every noun, syllable and non-verbal cue analyzed and cross-analyzed by the Woke Press (a certain French footballer remarked 25 years ago that the situation bore a canny similarity to seagulls chasing fishing trawlers, with his observation itself spawning a cottage industry.).  

However, in his article, Mr. Gibson mentioned “The Chief Data Officer is unlikely to be faced with crowds of people clamouring for comment and insight.

Not true sir, and we will now come to our collection of what happens when Football Managers become Chief Data Officers in responding to a situation. 

Who wants to be a Swiss banker anyway?


So the average salary of an employee in Credit-Suisse was more than CHF 200,000 a year in 2020. This figure was obtained by dividing the total amount Credit-Suisse spent on Compensation and Benefits of CHF 9.9 billion in 2020 over the total employees of just under 50,00 (48,770 to be exact).

This is quite a high figure and many Rembaunians would like to earn that annual salary of RM 890,000, which is the figure when converted to Ringgit Malaysia.

So with all that high paid talent, how did they just encounter their worst month on history?

The Archegos


If you follow the financial news, you may have heard about this controversy surrounding Archegos Capital.

In case you want to find out what this is all about, let’s dive right in

Are we in the end days.


We are about 2 years into our development schedule for our ground breaking platform. Today, like any other day, was quite exhausting as we had to work from morning till night, with an afternoon break on a particular part of the system.

We took a break about 8.45 pm for dinner and wanted to resume at 11.00 pm, but decided to call it a day. It will probably take until the end of the year to finish the product, but we will not compromise on quality and are willing to take however long it takes to finish it.

There were a couple of things which happened recently which sort of bugged us and we want to make a record of this.

First , as some of our readers may be of different faith and beliefs, this post will be about our Christian beliefs so if discussing this offends any person’s beliefs, best not to click and read.

A very short post on Malaysian politics


The date today is 19th Mar 2021.

I think its been more than a year that we have not touched on Malaysian politics.

So lets provide our perspective here.

The Rembau Times Card reveals secrets of the Cabal Card


We all have them and we know there seems to be some kind of game afoot, but how actually do credit cards work?

Who actually pays for all those billions of reward points?

Lets explain this

To trade or not to trade [ updated ]


Back in around 2005, I took the first steps from moving away from a technical career to aspire towards a financial career. Back then I was working in one of those IT tender chasing sweat shops and I believe everybody back then was geared towards one of two projects, namely the computerization of the National Land Office or Jabatan Imigresen as the big ticket items. There were also rumblings about some highly connected companies landing some healthcare IT deals. There was also a lot of disquiet about Azalina’s Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBSM) forcing a whole bunch of vendors to perform a Le Tour of Malaysia by visiting every KBSM facility throughout the country in order to bid for a computerization project tender for a campus system. (The specs of which were lifted 100% from one company but in the end even those who used that company’s specs did not get the job. I believe an Oracle vendor got that.) **

I believe that was also the beginning of the hyping of this role called “the Investment banker.” Big CEOs of Wall Street banks were so egoistical that some of them had golden toilet bowls in their office and pandered to the idea of being considered as “Masters of the Universe.” Films like James Bond had them as villainous roles, other Hollywood films portrayed them as riding on motor bikes and then changing in to suits, dashing into private planes and creating money out of thin air.  Konon-nya.

Taking Felda Rembau FC to winning Champions League


This is an update as to why we have been very quiet over the past several months. Sir Wenger spoke a bit about this at a recent ceramah held  in Balai Rakyat Rembau.